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Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011 8 years ago

The Observer, one year later -

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

You are now reading the 53rd issue of the Palm Coast Observer. We started with an average of 16 pages, and now we’re double that, with an average of 32. We like to think the community has come to think of us as “their paper.”

Our goal has been to focus entirely on the community and to give readers content that helps them get to know their neighborhoods and their neighbors better.

Maybe neighbors have a little more to talk about — more in common — because they are reading the same stories in the same newspaper that lands on their driveways every week.

Maybe because of the phrase, “Did you see the story in The Observer about … ” a few more conversations among friends are happening around town, whereas before there were only nods and polite smiles among acquaintances.

Maybe a newspaper not only can report on a community but can help to build the community it serves.

That said, we know we have a lot of room to grow and improve.

In the next year, the Palm Coast Observer will strive to be more timely, more informative and more entertaining. We hope you’ll continue to read and give us feedback and suggestions as to how we can become the indispensible source for all things Palm Coast.

We took a gamble. I don’t know how many print newspapers started in the United States last year, but I have to think we’re on a short list. Thanks for helping our gamble pay off.

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