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Palm Coast Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012 8 years ago

No worries, just golf

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Golf’s universal appeal is that anyone can play. Maybe that’s why some of us keep slugging away like an ax chopping a piece of hardwood. But in all honesty, golf is my therapy.

Sure, I can’t score as well as I often did years ago. But who cares? I’m out there with the nicest people, I’m active, and just maybe I’ll sneak in the thrill of a better score some days.

Always remember, it’s not what you accomplish in life, it’s what you overcome. Like the golfer in Portland, Maine, who was scoring in the 80s and 90s up to 95 years old. When reaching the 100-year mark, he found golf too much of a challenge, so he spent his days at the Country Club bar.

The bottom line of golf is that you don’t have to raise a trophy to be a champion. If one did, Harry Davis would have to build a new house.

Davis, a marvelous golfer and fascinating person, outslugged another terrific competitor, Mickie Mann, to win the Pine Lakes Men’s Golf Association championship, held at the Pine Course.
Davis and Mann have gone head to head before, and word is out that one day, Mann will be top man in these championship slugfests. It’s a likely scenario because he is a terrific golfer. But we also should realize that won’t happen until Davis, a Hall of Famer, decides to sit in a different row.

Another favorite, David Ragsdale, swept away Ed McCleavey in the first flight. John Mynatt took the measure of Leo Blessing in the second flight, while Bill Nelson, also known for his musical ability and leader of a band, turned away Dave Schlink to win the third flight. Other victors were Gene Dunn, Jere Dorney, John Riesz, Al Amara and Dave Knight.

And while on the subject of good things happening, Mike Tsouklaris, a major factor of golf in town and a Grand Club leader, has come up with a dandy. It’s the two-course interclub challenge between River Bend and the Grand Club on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15.

The format is three best Balls on par 3s, two best balls on par 4s and one best ball on par 5s. It will be 12-person teams of six men and six women. It’s also easy on the wallet: $60 with lunch included and the winning team receiving a round of golf for four at the other course.

Call Tsouklaris at 437-5807.

And in two weeks, an update story on the HEADICUS, invented by Craig Ranciato.


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