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Palm Coast Monday, May 11, 2015 4 years ago

No matter if they're broken or fake, flowers still win smiles

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

Mother’s Day was epic in the McMillan household this week.

First, there was the carnation. In the course of buying a carnation for Mom at school, my 11-year-old son, Jackson, learned a lot about the care for flowers, i.e., that a backpack is not the place to keep them for long periods of time.

Fortunately, a little packing tape solved the problem of a cracked stem, and today, we still have a beautiful pink carnation in a vase on the counter, packing tape and all. In fact, Mom loves it even more because of the tape.

My daughter Ellie made a flower for Mom at preschool last week. The stem was made out of a straw, with some pink tissue paper for the petals and a plastic cup full of dry rice and macaroni for the soil. I picked her up from school last Friday, and she instructed me to hold it carefully for her — don’t drop it — as she climbed into her booster seat.

On the way home, we plotted how she was going to sneak the flower from the car to the closet in her bedroom without Mom seeing it until Sunday. So, she held up her red homework folder as a shield and walked by, stoically, pretending she didn’t see Mom there sitting on the couch, smiling.

Unfortunately, Ellie wasn’t able to contain her excitement, and within minutes she went back to her closet and brought it out for an early Mother’s Day present. Mom is the world’s best celebrator of presents from her children, so she squealed in delight.

I hope all the mothers in Flagler County also had a great Mother’s Day, with all the fake and real flowers you deserve.

BOX: Flagler PolitiBlog: bite-sized election news

As of May 14, the primary for local elections for School Board, County Commission, Palm Coast City Council, etc., is 15 months and 16 days away, on Aug. 30, 2016. Sounds like the perfect time to start talking about politics!

As it turns out, plenty people are interested, even this early, and so, on, I’ve started a new blog called Flagler PolitiBlog. My theory is that many people decide not to vote in local elections because they simply don’t feel informed enough.

This blog will be a way to give readers the stories about some of the candidates as they jockey in position with each other to run for local offices. Here is a sampling of the headlines you’ll find if you visit the blog now:

A sitting elected official as a campaign manager? Wadsworth and Bexley plan to work together
Can the clerk of courts remain objective in her office while also serving as campaign manager for her second in command?

Kim Weeks: the mug shot heard round the county
The former supervisor of elections drew attention last week not only for being arrested but for smiling through her mug shot.

Former City Councilman thinks Flagler County Republican party leadership has been 'dysfunctional'
Dave Ferguson has become disillusioned about party leadership.

Pastor: Perception among black community in Flagler County is that black candidates can't win
Jearlyn Dennie, a local pastor, says the perception is that Flagler County politics is perceived as a good ol’ boys network.

Email [email protected] if you have any juicy gossip.



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