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The largest brush fire recorded totaled 350 acres. STOCK PHOTO
Palm Coast Monday, May 2, 2011 7 years ago

Nine weekend brush fires recorded in Flagler


Over the weekend of April 29 to May 1, nine brush fires were recorded in Flagler County, ranging in size from an acre to 350 acres.

The State Division of Forestry, in cooperation with Flagler County Fire Rescue, contained most of the fires, but some areas are still being monitored.

The most active, the Peterson Fire, in a remote area of the county east of State Road 100 and west of U.S. 1, is not contained and still currently being dealt with.

The county has an emergency burn ban in place, which restricts outdoor burning (with the exception of closed barbecue grills) under penalty of fines up to $500 or 60 days in jail for subsequent violations. County Fire Chief Don Petito also advised extreme care with handling of cigarettes and other flammable materials.

The law specifically bans the use, sale or discharge of fireworks including sparklers; open burning, use of open fire pits and containers; parking vehicles with catalytic converters in high grassy areas and throwing matches or cigarettes from vehicles.

“We are asking residents to be very careful. We are in the middle of the fire season in Florida and the conditions, particularly in western Flagler County, are very dry,” Petito said.

All nine fires are in the western portion of Flagler County west of U.S. 1. The largest fire, called the Old Brick Road Fire, has been smoldering for several weeks. The fire is in a remote area of Flagler County in an area that is difficult to access by vehicle. The Old Brick Road fire is 85% contained.

This information was taken from a county statement issued May 2.


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