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Palm Coast
Palm Coast Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 10 months ago

Nine people in Palm Coast share their attitudes on prepping for Hurricane Dorian

Dorian is days away, but the city is already on the move.
by: Paola Rodriguez Staff Writer

The old proverb says the early bird gets the worm. In Palm Coast, the early bird get the short lines. 

I took an early coffee ride around Palm Coast's gas stations and The Home Depot to see how soon the community is preparing for Hurricane Dorian. For the most part, I observed that the lines weren't long yet, and many places still had supplies in stock. But, the city was already on the move. 

Curious about how people manage the preparation, I asked a few people, and here are the responses. Even though there is an overall sense of calm, people would rather be ready just in case.

Terry Campbell: "I started preparing yesterday, and luckily I got a generator."


Bill Mann: "I started preparations a few days ago. You can’t prepare too soon." 


Jeff Pancancio: "It is very shocking that everyone is preparing so early."


Kelly Pickering: "I am kind of preparing, but I am not stressing out."


Alfred McBean: "It is a little busy here. I am just here for coffee." 


Robert Cotes: "We are getting ready. We stared yesterday, and we already got some food and water."


Danielle Collins and Michael Runyan: "It is our first time dealing with a hurricane in our new home. It can't hurt to be ready."  


Joe Morneau: "I am getting ready just in case."




At The Home Depot, there is already a restriction on the amount of plywood sheet per customer. 


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