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Palm Coast installed 35 new red light cameras about a month ago.
Palm Coast Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013 4 years ago

New red light cameras take effect

by: Megan Hoye Staff Writer

Six red light cameras have joined the ranks of those issuing citations. This is the first of several waves of activation for the 35 new cameras Palm Coast installed about a month ago.

The new cameras were installed around the same time, and each was given a 30-day grace period before it started issuing citations, said Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon. For the next couple of weeks, the rest of the newly installed cameras will terminate their grace periods and begin issuing citations.

The six cameras now issuing citations include two at intersections with State Road 100 — one on Belle Terre Parkway southbound at State Road 100, and the other at State Road 100 westbound at Belle Terre Parkway. The four other new cameras are on the off ramps for both northbound and southbound I-95 and Palm Coast Parkway.

The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners sent a letter in September to the Palm Coast City Council asking that the council reconsider placing the cameras on the State Road 100 corridor, saying the cameras alienate Flagler County residents who would live outside of Palm Coast and would rather avoid the cameras altogether. Residents of Bunnell and Flagler Beach can’t easily get to I-95 without driving on State Road 100.

But the council received the letter after it had already taken action, Landon said, so nothing further was done.

“People should drive carefully and cautiously everywhere, including on state roads,” said Palm Coast Mayor Jon Netts, referencing a Florida Department of Transportation study released last month that reports lower accident rates in areas with red light cameras.

“The whole purpose of the cameras was to bring about changes in driver behavior, and the when you look at the statistic … you know they’re doing their job,” Netts said.

The rest of the new red light cameras are at these intersections.


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