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Palm Coast Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012 8 years ago

New garbage contract, lower fees

by: Andrew OBrien Contributing Writer

Garbage bills to drop from $20.30 to $18.77/month.

Cheaper garbage rates and the chance to win iPads or TVs are all perks of the new contract between the city and Waste Pro.

The Palm Coast City Council unanimously approved the new waste-hauling contract April 3.

At last week’s meeting, Waste Pro Executive Vice President Ron Pecora said the company is “committed” to changing the fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas trucks as well as building a CNG fueling facility in Bunnell. WastePro is investing $100 million to convert the fleet, Pecora said.

“We are highly motivated for a number of reasons to have these facilities built and in operation,” Pecora said. “Since we’ve opened the Bunnell facility, we’ve invested $10 million to date in that facility, and we’re committed to this area, and we’re committed to the city of Palm Coast.”

Q: Are my monthly garbage rates going to change?
A: Your rate will be reduced June 1, 2012, from the current $19.82 per household per month (plus fuel surcharge) to $18.77 per month. On June 1, 2013, your rate will be reduced again to $18.62 per household per month. This rate will hold for the duration of the contract (four additional years) with no additional fuel surcharges applicable. Please note that additional fuel surcharges may apply until June 1, 2013.
Q: Will we see new programs with the new Waste Pro contract?
A: Yes. On June 1, 2012, the Recycle Rewards and Doorstep Household Hazardous Waste Removal programs will begin. Details will be forthcoming.

Q: Will my basic trash service change?
A: No, your basic service of two days garbage pickup, one day recycling and one day yard waste will remain the same.
Q: Will my driver change?
A: Drivers should also remain the same.
Q: Any change in white goods pickup?
A: No, you still should call when items such as refrigerators and freezers (with doors removed), hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, small air-conditioning units and ranges are placed at the curb. Please allow three to five days for removal.
Q: Any changes in bulk trash pickup?
A: Bulk trash removal is still the same and is weekly on your second trash day.

Q: Will my yard waste collection and disposal change?
A: Yes, yard waste no longer needs to be bundled. However, volume restrictions apply and additional charges are possible whenever your yard waste pile exceeds 4 cubic yards and/or has branches in excess of 4 feet long or limbs/branches greater than 6 inches in diameter. Yard waste piles of this size and weight require a special claw truck to be dispatched. Therefore, additional costs associated with a special pickup are passed on to the customer.

Q: Will my recycling service change?
A: Yes, recycling no longer needs to be sorted in different bins. Recyclables of every type can now be placed together in one bin.

Q: Whom do I call for doorstep household hazardous waste pickup?
A: Please call Waste Pro directly at 586-0800 to schedule a pickup.
Q: When will my household hazardous waste be picked up?
A: Pickups are scheduled one time per month on a Saturday. You will be advised when you call about your pickup day. assignment.
Q: Are there any other acceptable household hazardous waste items other than those listed in the newsletter?
A: Yes, but a complete list has not been finalized. Additional information will be available as details are determined.
Q: Where can I leave my household hazardous waste materials for pickup?
A: You may leave them either at the front door or at your garage door. Do not leave any household hazardous waste materials at the curb.
Q: What time does the household hazardous waste need to be placed outside my door?
A: 7 a.m. on the day of pickup.

Q: The newsletter in my utility bill indicates that customers will receive one free recycle bin. Is there a charge for more than one?
A: All households/customers may receive one additional bin at no charge (total of two). Any additional bins will be charged to each household on their utility bill. The amount will be consistent with the amount that Waste Pro pays for the bin. This amount is yet to be determined.
Q: When will I receive the new recycle bin?
A: Waste Pro will deliver one new bin to each household prior to June 1, 2012.
Q: Can I use the bins I’ve always used?
A: Yes, you may still use them; however, in order to be counted in the recycling rewards program, you must set out the bin that contains the computer bar code. An electronic reader in the cab of the collection truck reads the strip on the bin and recognizes that you have recycled on that particular day.
Q: How do I receive the computer bar code?
A: You will receive a program packet in the mail. The computer bar code will be in the packet. Simply affix the bar code to the recycle bin that you plan on setting out every time you recycle.
Q: What are the details of the recycling rewards program?
A: Details continue to be finalized. You will receive additional information as determined.

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