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Nadine King, of Christmas Come True
Palm Coast Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2011 8 years ago

Nadine King's efforts help Flagler families and artists

by: Tim Baker

The following was submitted as a letter to all Flagler County residents:

We all need help occasionally.

There are times when the forces of the universe conspire to put us in a situation where we are at the mercy of others, plain and simple.

Sometimes the hardest thing for people to do when they need help is to ask for it.

Whatever the reason, people who need help don’t always get it, and that’s just sad.

Since mid-2009 Flagler County has had a person who took it upon herself to seek out those in need of help and provide it to them without being asked.

Nadine King founded the nonprofit organization Christmas Come True to provide Flagler County families with a complete Christmas experience (all the ingredients to prepare a Christmas feast, along with gifts, clothing, stockings and haircuts for the children) at no cost to the families.

She helped 55 families in her first year, 87 in her second year and is hoping to break the 100 mark in this, her third, year.

Using a combination of volunteer services, fundraising events and donations from local businesses, Nadine helps create Christmas miracles for no other reason than the joy of helping those who are in need.

But what happens when the helper needs help?

This year, Nadine came up with an idea that would (hopefully) accomplish two feats at once.

The idea: a center for local artisans and craftspeople to sell their works.

The goals: To help these local artists bring their work to light and maybe make some money and to take the “profit” from the center and pump it all back into Christmas Come True where it will then be used to help make Christmas come true for others.

The concept is a simple one: An artist creates a product and determines how much they would like it to sell for.

Christmas Comes True adds a small (very small) percentage to that price and places the item in the center.

When the item sells, the artists gets their asking price and the store gets the extra percentage.
In theory it is a fantastic idea — win-win at its finest.


That’s right, there’s a “but”.

The shop, known as “It’s a Frame of Mind Artisan Gifts and Center,” has been open in Flagler Beach since March and has been slow catching on.

Many local artists have benefitted from the shop already (myself included), but the sales figures have been woefully insufficient to cover operating costs.

So it needs help.

This is not a plea for donations. This is a request for people to visit the shop and check out some of the beautiful creations (everything from jewelry to clothing and from toys to artwork) your neighbors have created and maybe purchase something — either for yourself or as a gift.

Naturally, donations are graciously accepted, but it would be so much better for everyone involved if the shop could be self-sufficient.

Located at 208 Central Ave. S. in Flagler Beach (next door to Bahama Mamas, across the street from the museum), the center is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Please visit the center soon and discover some local treasure and help Nadine help others while you’re there.

Visit Christmas Come True on the web ( or search for “Christmas Come True Inc.” on Facebook.

Tim Baker

Editor's Note: for a story on King's latest efforts with the Treasure Hunt in Flagler Beach, see the June 30 edition of the Palm Coast Observer.


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