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Palm Coast Tuesday, May 12, 2020 12 months ago

Mother's Day(s) to remember

This year was the first Mother's Day since my Nana died. It was my second since my son was born.
by: Megan Farrell Contributing Writer

This year's Mother's Day was unlike any I have experienced in the past. Sure, it's only my second as a mother; however, being separated from my family this year was tough. Last year, I spent my first Mother's Day with my Nana, mother and newborn son in Pennsylvania. It was truly one of the greatest days of my life! The photo taken above was taken at my Nan's nursing home where we spent the day visiting. I will be forever grateful for that day and those memories, as it was the last one we would all be together.

My Nana died in August, so we knew it would be a tough year. The virus added another layer of difficulty. Having to spend this year's Mother's Day 1,011 miles away from my own mother was extremely difficult. We definitely made the best of it with FaceTime and other technology, but I still missed her hug.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I spent Sunday morning dropping gifts off for and visiting with friends who have been by my side since my motherhood journey began. These woman have become part of my Mama Tribe! They have lifted me up when I needed it and have loved on my baby over the last year. 

Even though we couldn't hug, and I couldn't come inside for a quick chat, getting to say "Thank you" to those women is a new favorite Mother's Day memory.

Of course I was spoiled rotten by my husband and son. I got all of the snuggles, a beautiful mosaic with Elijah's handprints, and a new (much needed) beach cruiser. I even heard the words "Happy Mother's Day" come from my son's mouth for the first time. Even on days with challenges, that little boy makes my heart swell! And his dad isn't so bad either ...

I still missed my Nana, but I knew she was there with us, as always. She is in my heart, and I carry her with me every day.

The other good news? By the time you're reading this, my mom will be here in Florida, spending a few weeks with us to make up for lost time. And I'm sure the quality of that time spent together will be great.

So I say to all of you out there — grandmothers, stepmothers, adopted mothers, mothers who have lost their baby, mothers who are waiting for their baby, mothers who have strained relationships with their child — you are all amazing.

I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration and that this year shines light and love into your life.

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