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Palm Coast Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016 3 years ago

More Flagler students walking the graduation stage

Flagler graduation numbers continue to surpass state average, and inch toward 100 % goal.
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

Information provided by news release from Flagler Schools

Florida’s graduation rates for the 2014­-15 school year have been released, and Flagler School students are graduating at a higher rate than the state average.

“We invest heavily in our mentorship programs because we see first­hand, success from our kids in that program.” Jacob Oliva, Flagler Schools Superintendent

Flagler County’s Federal Graduation Rate dipped slightly to 77.5% (0.3% decline from 2013­-14), with a 7.5% graduation increase over that time period.

“Whether it’s getting them to walk across a stage to get their diploma, or an opportunity to earn industry certifications, we want our students to be ready for college or careers, but we also want them to be successful in life,” Superintendent Jacob Oliva said.

Flagler Schools continue to focus on “at ­risk” students. State­wide, 52 % of students designated “at ­risk,” graduated. Flagler County’s rate was similar with a 51.5 % graduation rate for these students.


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