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Palm Coast Thursday, Jun. 13, 2019 5 months ago

More apartments needed for low-income senior citizens in Flagler County

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by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

A developer named Housing Trust Group is getting financial breaks from Palm Coast and is getting money from the federal government to build 88 units, and 32 of these will be for low-income people.

There is a currently a silent and increasing population that will be in need of affordable housing. That population is composed of seniors, whose retirement dream has turned into a nightmare. It may be that a spouse died and that source of income has ended. It may be that a couple moved here on a fixed income and a rainy day fund, and that rainy day fund has dried up due to some significant major household expenses. A perfectly good roof that the insurance company requires to be replaced is an example.

Also included in this group are folks who have an income based on investments that have slowed and the expected income has diminished or disappeared.

As I have talked to people from both sides of the political spectrum, some know of a person who fits an above category. The point is there is critical need for senior citizen low-income housing, and 32 units does not seem sufficient.

Another concern is the performance of the Housing Trust Group to provide the low-income housing once all the units are open for occupancy. This group is getting financial breaks from the city, and there is no mention of control in place for the city to monitor that the group does as promised.

The news stories do not mention anything about a performance bond to assure that the developer does keep the promise of providing the low-income units.

I think that with the city reducing impact fees, the developer should be required to post a fee to be deposited in an interest-bearing account to be returned to the developer after all the units are occupied and in fact 32 units are rented to low-income individuals or families.

John Brady

Palm Coast


Leave Florida Park Drive alone

Dear Editor:

Here we go again. First there was a suggestion to install stop signs along Florida Park Drive to slow down traffic and discourage drivers from using Florida Park Drive as a shortcut. Then it was speed bumps.

My question is, with Florida Park Drive being lined with homes, which homeowner would be chosen to have a stop sign or a speed bump installed in front of their home, where they will listen to the roar of car/truck engines as they speed up after the stop sign or speed bump that will also cause more car emissions?

I do not live on Florida Park Drive but do travel on it at various times of day and night for shopping, going to doctor, etc. I personally do not encounter a traffic problem whatsoever.

Emissions? Of course there are more emissions. The more people, the more cars. But that comes with the territory.

I agree with the citizens that approached Councilman Bob Cuff and asked him why this is being done. There isn't a problem!

I am not an engineer, but I see no room on Florida Park Drive for roundabouts, and I don't how landscaping will help with traffic and pollution.

Again, I ask which unlucky homeowner may have this so-called calming landscaping in front of or on their property.

Speeders? Hit them where it hurts: their wallets. There are two check-your-speed units on Florida Park Drive. Add a few more.

With today's technology, place a camera on the other side of the unit like the red light camera we had and send them a fine.

Pollution is something we must all live with. That is progress and growth.

Leave Florida Park Drive alone and deal with more important Palm Coast issues.

James Motta

Palm Coast


How can these inspectors keep missing the mold?

Dear Editor:

I can’t believe that when the contractors were working on the old hospital, that no mold was found. I am sure they had to smell it; it has a very unique smell! The people who inspected the building did a poor job.

Now they use the same inspection team on the Sears building. And what did they get for their/our money? More mold!

I am sorry, but those inspections were bogus. They did a bad job and should not be paid. Our community is now a laughing stock! We are not the tree capital of Florida, we are the mold capital. When someone you hire does a bad job, you don’t hire them again. What were the commissioners thinking?

You know folks, you can’t fix stupid people, but you can vote them all out of office! Now think really, really hard, How much mold will they discover at Bings Landing near the water at Captain’s BBQ? Who will be the inspection team?

Dennis C. Rathsam

Palm Coast


Memorial Day is a day to pray for peace

Dear Editor:

In 1950, after two world wars and a Korean conflict looming, Congress passed a resolution proclaiming Memorial Day as a day to pray for peace. This Memorial Day, in 2019, a politician and a former military chaplain spoke about their Christian beliefs. Well, guess what? Somebody got completely offended. The crime they committed: speaking about Christianity in public.

To be a Christian is to follow Jesus. Some of us follow a little closer than others, but most will agree that having Jesus in their lives makes it better.

We have a right to express ourselves due to the lives that were given to protect those rights.

I think some of us forget that those rights also come with certain responsibilities.

To grandstand like that was not responsible. Let’s pray for peace every day.

Mark Csik

Palm Coast


Corp One would’ve been perfect for FCSO district office

Dear Editor:

Once upon a time (just three years ago), Flagler County had 54,000 square feet of commercial space right smack in the center of Palm Coast. It was the building known as Corp One with its beautiful commercial campus. It had to be torn down at great cost because the school administration claimed it was costing big dollars to mothball. Three School Board members, including current members Mr. Andy Dance and Mr. Trevor Tucker, voted to tear it down.

In April 2016, Corp One was history! Having gone through this building with Kevin McCarthy in 2015, I was amazed that this building was built like a brick house: all red iron with metal pan/poured concrete floors — even a metal skin roof under the crappy looking house shingles held up by more red iron! I was in awe that ITT would spend this kind of money, even for themselves. This was a keeper and had the ability to be reconfigured back to commercial use. Using it as a school was ill conceived from day one.

I keep thinking where would we be now if this building had been used as the Sheriff’s Office’s Palm Coast District office.

Dennis McDonald

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Flagler County is building a Palm Coast District office for the Sheriff’s Office across the street from Corp One, just west of the library.


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