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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 16, 2013 7 years ago

Meet the Studnickis

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

If you thought a former Maine resident such as David Studnicki could play this tough game of golf like a combination of Arnold Palmer and Harry Davis, you haven’t met his wife, Elaine. She beats up on him when the will strikes.

The Studnickis are residents here for more than six months before they return to their cabin up north, located on Timoney Lake, in Oakfield, Maine. That’s about 20 miles west of Houlton, otherwise known as a short drive to the Canadian border.

The reason I relate these facts — and I know they are as good, or better, on the links than we claim because I watch them at Pine Lakes and Cypress — is much more important for Flagler County than simply the game of golf.

Elaine Studnicki is attempting to raise money for a good cause, and her husband is supporting the boat of an effort.

When visiting a homeless shelter in Bunnell, Elaine Studnicki was so moved that she decided right then to raise $1,000 by Wednesday.

“I specifically want to help eight homeless families in this school district who just lost their homes,” she said.

She said the money will go directly toward an inexpensive motel where the family can remain together, eat a free breakfast and have a moment to think of where they can go next. “It is a temporary solution, but for a few days, they will be warm, have electricity, a bathroom to bathe and a place to rest and lay their heads. Importantly, they will be together, and the children will go to school every day.”

If you’re willing, send checks to Elaine Studnicki, 93 Lake Forest Place, Palm Coast, FL 32137.

Now the remaining question: How do we get the Studnickis out of upper Maineand and into Palm Coast for the entire year?

This and that
If I were pressed, while waiting to be hanged at the second tree, on which golf course here is on the way up from the nationwide slump, the Grand Club’s Pine Lakes and Cypress courses would be leading the way, in my opinion.

I know, there are absolute beautiful golf courses in Palm Coast, namely Grand Haven, Hammock Beach and more. But the above-named golf courses now have their mark on the plus side of success.

The management of Kim Pepe, Henry Angle, Brian Melanson, Frank Vignati, Bill Tully and other owners is not done yet. Take a hard look in their eyes, and you’ll see the improvement is going to become even better.

Another solid leader is Director of Golf Michael Tsouklaris, who hangs his hat at Cypress Knoll.

Tsouklaris, an avid Red Sox fan, is planning membership tournaments with the Club Championship on April 13-14 — and that’s just one of them.

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