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Palm Coast Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 9 years ago

Meet General Jack Leide

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

General Jack Leide, an ardent Palm Coast golfer at Pine, Palm Harbor and other golf courses, has been named by the Defense Intelligence Agency to receive the prestigious Torch Bearer Award.

Leide is the only military officer I know of in Palm Coast to be given this special award for extraordinary achievement.

Most officers of high rank rarely see combat. Leide is an exception. He was a paratrooper who jumped into the fray with the 82nd Airborne and gave 35 years of his life for service to this country.

Meet him on a golf course putting range some time ago, as I did, and you will find he’s a joy to know and talk with. A salute to you, General Jack Leide.

Aces keep falling
The aces keep rolling in while the majority of us golfers sit back and cry over failure.

Pat Cook nailed one with a 5-iron from 98 yards away on No. 14 of Cypress Knoll, while playing with Hall of Famer Ginny Nicewonger, Jan Graham and Julie Pellegrino.

I swear with acknowledged reasoning that you need to play Cypress Knoll again and again, and the thrill of a hole-in-one will be yours faster than anywhere else. It’s in the books.

But remember, should you leave the country like on a cruise and play golf in Asia, you won’t jump so high. If you get a hole-in-one there, you must reward the three people you were playing with, and the gifts must be substantial, like sets of clubs.

Upcoming tournaments
The Pine Course has a big tournament scheduled for Oct. 26. It’s called the Glow Ball Tournament with a scramble format, pasta dinner and more for $24.95 plus cart fee. To reserve a spot, call the Pine Course at 445-0852.

Palm Harbor hosted the annual Lion’s Club Tournament last Saturday, and it was a dandy. Reggie Hunter and Palm Harbor leaders did a terrific job from beginning to end. The one thing they did wrong was allow a foursome of Jim Canfield, Mike Joyce, Bob Ross and myself fall into the dumper on a horrible score.

Last, good morning to you, Frank Mento, Jack Gronwoldt and Maggie Campbell, wherever you are!

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