Lewis McCarthy and Jack Carall look on as Mayor Jon Netts shows off some photos of his wounded leg, which required surgery and kept him away from official duties for some time. Netts presided over the July 28 City Council meeting. Photo by Brian McMillan

Mayor Jon Netts returns to Palm Coast City Council after surgery

The mayor missed two meetings because of surgery and a leg injury.
Jul. 28, 2015

Mayor Jon Netts spent the minutes before the Palm Coast City Council meeting showing some friends the photos of a leg injury that kept him away from two official meetings.

Lewis McCarthy and Jack Carall, who come to every City Council workshop and regular meeting, peered over Netts' shoulder as he discussed his injury.

Previously, Netts had also discussed the injury on WNZF's "Free For All Friday." He said on July 17 that he was sitting at home with his leg elevated, waiting for the wound to heal. He had a bad infection, he said, and had been on medication.

"I want to thank all the people who are listening for all the cards, emails and support," he said on the air. "It has been very heartening in a tough time."