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Palm Coast Monday, Feb. 7, 2022 9 months ago

Mayor Alfin: 'What unites us stands stronger than what could ever divide us'

Mayor David Alfin recently spoke to the Democratic Club in Palm Coast.
by: Guest Writer

The following is the text from Mayor David Alfin's speech at the Palm Coast Democratic Club meeting Feb. 3, at the African American Cultural Center:

Good evening to all of you and please know I am truly grateful to be given this opportunity to speak to you about the most fundamental principles that have preserved our country as the strongest, most enviable democracy on this earth.

The world is now closely watching America’s democratic system. Other nations are waiting to see whether or not we can uphold our centuries-old foundations of equality for all and common ground bipartisanship for governance.

Maintaining democracy has never been easy. But we’ve always assumed that every American stands behind our beliefs that all men are created equal; that all individuals accept only acts that require sovereignty and political equality; that ours is a government where decision-making and thought processes are created with common ground and common sense. These principles are now being challenged.

In his 2021 inaugural speech, President Joe Biden reminded us, “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.”

Looking through the eyes of those of us who live in Palm Coast and Flagler County, I am encouraged that what unites us in this culturally diverse, peaceful community stands stronger than what could ever divide us. Our own bipartisan democracy has created a secure and prosperous arena for us to participate in a fair political process. I’m certain we’ll continue to recruit candidates for office who support unity and mutual understanding between neighbors. Let’s work together to seek out leaders who place harmony first and foremost in their campaigns.

This plea follows Sen. John McCain’s advice: “We should be mindful as we argue about our differences that so much more unites than divides us. We should also note that our differences, when compared with those in many, if not most other countries, are smaller than we sometimes imagine them to be.”

And so I’d like to close my remarks with the most appropriate quote of all: When speaking on behalf of Palm Coast, former Mayor Jon Netts often referred to his favorite citation: “A man who stands for nothing falls for everything.”

Exactly what does Palm Coast stand for? Do our political parties believe in fairness for all and objectivity? Do our citizens want to exhibit common ground or do we want to express discord? It seems to me there has never been a better time to take the high ground on common ground.

Here’s what unites Palm Coast….not divides us:

Quality of life, desire for peace, civility and beauty is not red or blue: it’s purple. 

  1. Our value for cultural diversity in the city. Because most of us have moved here from someplace else, we’ve grown together as a new community, more tolerant and open minded to learn about the diversity of our neighbors.
  2. Our aspiration to live in a city where quality of life surpasses all other attitudes. This includes the desire to retain the beautiful trails and natural and peaceful preserves, waterways and amenities we have to offer while still managing the growth we are experiencing.
  3. Our basic belief that Palm Coast should be governed with civility, for and by the people. And we should be recruiting educated, well-informed candidates for elected positions in our community.
  4. Our appreciation that feeling safe in Palm Coast and surrounding areas has made this community a most desirable place in which to live. We all are grateful for the diligent, conscientious job our Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department does on an annual basis.
  5. Our anticipation for the continued growth of the healthcare industry in our city. We are united in our support for educating our young students in the medical field to be able to remain local and build careers here at our new hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  6. Our pride in our young generations growing up in Palm Coast and our wish to make this a better place for them to stay and raise families here.
  7.  Our respect and reverence for the military personnel who’ve grown up here, lived here, served our nation during many national and international conflicts.
  8. Our agreement that now is the time in all our lives to take note of and conserve our magnificent sanctuary of birds, wildlife and other living creatures what inhabit this land.

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