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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 2, 2013 7 years ago

Maggie Campbell: A golfer turned tax helper

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Golf is a game of covering and no misses.

For Maggie Campbell, of Palm Coast, the score is perfect.

When Palm Harbor was young, Campbell was in the mix and swinging away. 

When Pine Lakes beckoned, she was not simply a player. She worked her heart out to entice golfers into a tournament that would benefit the golf club and individuals. She was scared stiff of failure until the last competitor signed in the final two days.

And what about the Maggie Campbell of today: Is she still a golfer? You bet she is. But she drops her bag of irons and woods during tax season to run the free tax preparation and filing services.

You, too, can make an appointment. It’s open to all area residents, and AARP membership is not required.  

When you dial 313-4048, odds are you’ll be speaking to a golfer, one you probably know well at Pine Lakes, Cypress and Palm Harbor during a nine-hole or 18-hole tour.

So, for heaven’s sakes, call. 

Find the answers for yourself Monday through Friday.

Maggie Campbell is just another example of a golfer who does more than her share of the fairways and greens.

A little of this, a little of that ... 
When I moved to Palm Coast in 1996 and had trouble with golf irons, person after person said, “Have you met Ted Baker? Go see Ted Baker.”

His golf club repair ability was the talk of the town. 

But now, when not riding his motorcycle, you’ll find him with his own little hut at Golf USA.  

When it comes to repairing broken golf clubs, this guy is a marvel.

There’s no dilly-dallying. You bring the club, you get it back quickly — repaired and ready to go.  

There are very few here doing that kind of golf work. Baker does, and he may be at the top of every list.

Another proud happening is the promotion of Dane Winger to head golf professional at Grand Haven Golf Club.

When the news broke on Winger’s promotion, my computer was bombarded by members who wanted the Palm Coast Observer to know it. 

Winger is that popular — in Grand Haven and elsewhere.

And last, save some pocket money to play Carol Gorham’s American Cancer Society Tournament at the Pine Course on March 9. It’s only $65!

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