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Palm Coast Monday, Oct. 5, 2015 3 years ago

Letters: Yes, we do need fixed bus routes, and yes, we do need a senior center

Also in letters: Two readers take on Steve Nobile.

Yes, we do want fixed bus routes!

Dear Editor:

Finally, something good from our local government! The proposed bus routes will be a boon to local businesses as well as to our elderly residents who no longer drive. Let's hope they use clean technology and that his is the beginning of service for the whole area.

Edith Campins
Palm Coast

Walk a mile in our shoes, honey

Dear Editor:

To Jean Sbertoli in Flagler Beach, who wrote the letter against buses: The bus service we have now does not serve our needs, and how would you know? Have you ever had to take it? I hope you never have to.

Waiting out in the sun for a 75-year-old is not a fun thing. Also, having to call for bus service two weeks in advance of your appointment.

Do you realize how many seniors there are in Flagler Beach and Palm Coast who can’t drive anymore?

Do you realize how many seniors there are in Flagler Beach and Palm Coast who can’t drive anymore? We don’t all have caring relatives living nearby who can take us to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Walk a mile in our shoes, honey. I’m sure you can still drive — that’s why you have such an attitude. There but for the grace of God.

Donna Poe
Flagler Beach

Just say no to Steve Nobile's 'conservative' agenda

Dear Editor:

Look out, Palm Coast! If you like the crazy actions on the national scene, you’re going to love the Tea Party reign of City Councilman Steve Nobile and his second attempt for a Charter review to kickstart Palm Coast’s ugly conversion to a most extreme version of “conservative.”

And look out again, as this comes immediately on the heels of his working on behalf of the Flagler County Association for Responsible Development, aka the development industry in Flagler County, to attempt to make our beautiful city bend to the developers vastly reduced landscaping/beautification standards.

This anti-government Tea Party, with our local added bonus of coming complete with an NRA gun seller, makes for a frightful combination for our beautiful city.

If you value and hope the city continues to grow and receive its many awards and recognition for city management and beauty, please just be aware of these additional burdens being placed upon it since our last council election. Our essentially frozen Congress should serve as adequate warning.

Bonnie Bellin
Palm Coast

Nobile wants to politicize Palm Coast City Council

Dear Editor:

He's at it again, and this time his intent is quite clear. City Councilman Steve Nobile's call for a city Charter review is not the real issue here. Politicizing Palm Coast is his clear goal.

He wants to bring his radical politics to bear directly on our city's non-political staff. To repeat his quote taken from the latest Palm Coast Observer: "I would like to be part of their day-to-day.”

This is exactly what we do not want in Palm Coast, or anywhere else for that matter. Our city is structured precisely so that politicians cannot personally direct the activities, or otherwise intimidate, our city's professional staff.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if individual council representatives were empowered to go directly to staffers issuing demands and applying undue political pressure to get favorable decisions?

Can you imagine the abuse of such power if someone like Councilman Nobile, speaking for a fairly small and quite radical political group, was given this power?

Can you imagine a city driven purely by politics rather than the best interests of its citizens?

Our citizens must reject Councilman Nobile's radical agenda.

Michael Cocchiola
Palm Coast

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