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Palm Coast Friday, Oct. 11, 2013 7 years ago

LETTERS: The United States is rich? Hardly


Contrary to popular opinion, our country is not rich

Dear Editor:
Merrill Shapiro, I know you are a Democrat and I should be cutting you some slack, but in this instance I just can't. In an article in this paper you said, "A country as rich as America should be able to take care of its poor.”

We're rich? We are $17 trillion in debt. What part of this don't you understand?

According to your way of thinking, if I go borrow a billion dollars I would be ultra rich! No, I'd be in ultra debt!

As to the so-called poor in the U.S., I think we do an excellent job of taking care of them. The poor in the U.S. own TVs, air conditioning, cars, cell phones, eat better than I do, and in a lot of cases are overweight and in 80% of the countries in this world would be considered rich or upper class. I know you are pushing Obamacare and it's hard to be truthful, but you should at least try.

Douglas Glover
Palm Coast

For Kimberle Weeks, it’s all about me, me, me

Dear Editor:
The letter, "Why I need the large room for early voting," by Kimberle Weeks, was a disappointing display of the written word, yet telling in its own way.

Ms. Weeks used the first person pronoun "I" 31 times and the word "me" six times. An impartial observer would most likely conclude that the letter was all about her, and the size of the meeting room a secondary consideration.

James Ulsamer
Ocean Hammock

Let’s come to together to pave the road to the Humane Society

Dear Editor:
Please, I beg all these contractors, builders, any business any person to donate money to help get the small road leading into the Humane Society paved. What about the large paving company? Any extra tar left? The road is almost impassable with all those huge pot holes. Do you realize the cost when you get your front end out of alignment, never mind bending a rim?

These dedicated volunteers that endure this every day, and I salute them. Why would anybody in their right mind want to volunteer, donate food/items and hold events there? I will not bring food up there anymore.

To make matters worse, the other end has been closed off, and you have to go in and out of that stretch of dirt and travel up the road to turn around. Why not pave the entire area in the U-shape like it was before to make it easier to exit from there and get on to U.S. 1 and head south?

My heart bleeds for these poor people trying to make a difference. It would be great to see more people go up and check on adopting an animal.

Sharon Young
Palm Coast

Experience with deputies after robber was disappointing

Editor’s Note: This letter was also sent to Sheriff Jim Manfre.
As an elected official overseeing the department that is to protect the residents of Flagler County, you need to be informed of the treatment we experienced.

Our home was burglarized the morning of April 30, shortly after we had both left for work. When my husband returned home later that day and discovered the house was burglarized, he immediately called the department. He was advised by the deputies that there was no sign of forced entry and were insistent it was someone we knew and felt it was an inside job. My husband, being a carpenter by trade, pointed out sliding glass doors are easy to pop because it was found to be unlocked, but the deputies were insistent with their theory.

When asked if any fingerprints could be taken from the sliding door and other objects, we were told the department is not equipped like “CSI,” a very cold and callous statement to some one whose home had just been burglarized. As it turned out, the sliding glass door had pry marks and was used to enter and exit the property.

The deputies walked around the property; however, we did not feel the area was searched thoroughly, and we thought it odd that none of our immediate neighbors were questioned since this happened in broad daylight. As it turned out, the burglar lived next door, has a criminal past, and we did know him and never invited him in our home. Time is of the essence if there is any chance of recovery of stolen property in cases like ours, as burglars know their resources to dispose of stolen property before being detected.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank Detective Paul Kandour for working with us and capturing the burglar who had stolen our property. Costly identification documents, an irreplaceable valued coin collection, Apple iPad and other objects were never recovered. As for the burglar, he is behind bars, still awaiting trial and we are still trying to recover from this most unpleasant ordeal.

Carlos and Arlene Veras
Palm Coast


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