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Palm Coast Monday, Jul. 8, 2019 7 months ago

Letters to the editor: Stop setting off fireworks in neighborhoods

Also in letters: Proposed community on John Anderson Highway would cause overcrowding
by: Guest Writer

Stop setting off fireworks in neighborhoods

Dear Editor:

Here I sit on another July 5 drinking my coffee looking at the remains of Black Jacket bottle rockets littering my driveway and pieces of mortars and black powder all over the roof and hoods of my vehicles. Certain things are against the law in residential areas primarily for safety reasons. That does not mean you can't do those things. It simply means they have to be done at the appropriate venue/location/facility.

Not everyone likes 800 horsepower stock cars, but the ones that do don't watch them roaring through our neighborhoods. That would be illegal and threaten the safety of the residents. What they have is this wonderful multi-million dollar facility 30 miles from here where they can watch and enjoy these cars legally and safely. Not everyone likes to shoot skeet, but those that do don't do it in our neighborhoods. That would be illegal and threaten the safety of the residents. What they have are a handful of facilities where they can enjoy their sport legally and safely. 

I'm not going to get into the debate about whether fireworks are legal or not in Florida or whether or not they should be able to be sold in Florida. However, in every state where fireworks are legal it is still illegal to use any fireworks that shoot up into the sky in a residential neighborhood.

The reason those fireworks are illegal for use in residential neighborhoods is because it threatens the safety of the residents, not to mention the potential damage to property. I am all for celebrating the birthday of this great nation, but if it involves fireworks then please do it at the appropriate venue/location/facility. Also, a big part of celebrating our independence is also honoring those who fought and sacrificed for and to maintain our independence. Part of honoring those individuals is having the compassion and courtesy not to make illegal loud explosions in the vicinity of their residences where they should feel safe and secure in order to deal with their trauma. Remember, you can do these kinds of things because of them and, for that, you should be grateful.

I noted that our local law enforcement establishment announced that it would increase its patrols and said, "The safety of our residents and visitors is what matters the most. We want everyone to enjoy the holiday safely." I can assure you, everyone did not enjoy the holiday safely. I took a 10 minute drive around my neighborhood and personally saw 12 residences where illegal activity was taking place.

When someone calls our local law enforcement about this illegal and unsafe activity, we are reminded how difficult it is to catch people involved in this illegal activity. Well, for a law enforcement establishment that prides itself on stopping and preventing illegal activity, I have one suggestion — look up!! That was all it took to locate and witness illegal activity. No special training needed!

I recognize this letter will matter little to those who partake in illegally using fireworks in our residential neighborhoods, but I would like our local law enforcement establishment to at least put a little effort into preventing this illegal and unsafe activity. My quick drive around then neighborhood proved it didn't take any special training or much effort at all to find and locate the offenders.

Finally, in the future, I would like everyone to safely and legally pay tribute to the birth of the greatness nation on earth, honor those who fought and sacrificed to free our nation and those who have done the same to keep it free, and to do it with courtesy and compassion to those warriors who suffer tremendous mental distress when things go boom near them.

Andy Kyle

Palm Coast


FCSO should do something about illegal fireworks

Dear Editor:

Once again this July 4, inconsiderate neighbors in Palm Coast were at it again with their barrage of window-rattling explosions that went way into the night and beyond. And once again, law enforcement did nothing to address this blatant disregard of illegal fireworks laws. As has been the case in the past many years, regardless of numerous complaints, I suspect that this year, as well, there were no arrests, no citations issued and no confiscation of illegal fireworks. Even the Flagler County Sheriff’s website was devoid of any mention of illegal fireworks or even fireworks safety reminders. 

The fire danger is real, the risk of injury is real, the terrified pets and wildlife are real and the gross disrespect of the law and others is pervasive. These should warrant some degree of attention by law enforcement, which appears to have little sense of the public’s concerns. 

Bad neighbors empowered by this lack of law enforcement are to blame, and it’s unfortunate that for so many, such an important holiday has turned from a joyful celebration to pure aggravation.

Bob Gordon

Palm Coast


Proposed community would cause overcrowding

Dear Editor:

I wish EVERYONE could have read the letter last week in the Observer by Art Woosley, titled “With John Anderson Highway project, watch out for bait and switch." Kudos to Art! Another 3,966 homes is insane in Flagler County! Palm Coast Parkway, Belle Terre and Route 100 are already so congested. It’s sad how crowded this county is getting. That’s almost 4,000 more homes just in that new community added to the other developments approved! Let’s say four people to each house ... do the math! Very sad.   

Pat Stasio

Palm Coast


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