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Palm Coast Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 2 years ago

Letters to the editor: Maria Barbosa, Colleen Conklin, medical marijuana

The Facebook response to the county's medical marijuana moratorium was clear: Readers think the county is stalling ...

Lying is not OK, even for politicians

Dear Editor:

So it begins: the new normal that assumes lies by politicians are OK. They are not and have never been. The same for the new narrative that says if you call a Republican on their lies you are just a biased, liberal rag.

Ms. Barbosa lied — fact — and not for the first time. Plagiarism is not OK.

As for the idea that "Christian" counseling can help individuals with gender identity issues, both the AMA and the American Psychiatric Association have issued strong statements debunking such therapies and warning that they can cause serious harm.

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


Give us the news, not just someone’s opinion

Dear Editor:

In his Dec. 8 letter, Joe Roy pointed out the hypocrisy of School Board member Colleen Conklin’s comments about swastikas and Donald Trump.

“Thoughtful” and “passionate” are nice buzz words to apply to a candidate holding office, but, unless I missed something, her comments were strictly about one candidate and clearly didn't even address the extremely harmful rhetoric of (clearly) her candidate.

And, yes, our children and we deserve better: the whole story, not someone's take on it. And leave the names and vitriol out of it.

Just news, not the liberal point of view. Then maybe we can all take Ms. Conklin and this paper more serious.

Robert St. Clair

Palm Coast


Voices From Facebook

The following comments were posted on the Palm Coast Observer’s Facebook page on the story about Flagler County passing a moratorium until the state determines how medical marijuana will be regulated.

Shelly Gaudet-Fultz This is infuriating. We, the people, have spoken with our votes, and this board "unanimously" decided to stall. They can use any flowery words they wish to try to convince us that they are not dragging their feet; however, we are not an ignorant people. I hope everyone in this county who is disappointed by their lack of motivation and feigned concern pays close attention to their names come next election.

I am a law-abiding citizen, I am a mother and wife who supports medical marijuana because I watched my father die from melanoma. In the beginning, he lost so much weight that it looked like we were gonna lose him much faster, but he was given edibles and smoked marijuana. My father was with us two years longer than they gave him.

I wholeheartedly believe it was due to the marijuana. It eased the waves of nausea from chemo, allowing him to eat and keep his strength up. It eased his pain from radiation and skin grafts. I am not a pot user, but I voted in favor because I have seen first hand how beneficial it can be.

It's tragic that these "elected officials" seem to have no consideration or little understanding that time is of the essence for terminal and severely sick people. Most people can get pot but won't because they do not want to break the law, so they just suffer.

To me, the commission's decision to stall is not only negligent but an inhumane act. I'm positive this will not be the only moratorium or attempt to circumvent the deadline that we will see from this committee on this particular matter. I urge my fellow Flagler County community to speak out against this blatant disregard.


Cathy Galioto Serrano That's less money for the county. People will go elsewhere to get it. Stupid move. They should have been planning for this before the election.

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