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Palm Coast Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013 4 years ago

LETTERS: On school tech, red lights and City Hall


Thanks to the community for funding technology

(Note: This message was issued by the Flagler County School District.)
The Flagler County School Board has approved a transformative investment in the success and future of Flagler County students and staff. As part of the continuing commitment to the community, who approved the recent half-penny sales tax renewal, beginning this school year every Flagler County student in grades 5 through 12 will be issued a MacBook or iPad for 24/7 access to engaging and interactive technology and digital curriculum resources.

Students in grades K-4 will also have ubiquitous access to the same technology and resources in their classrooms, via shared devices.

The Florida Department of Education has mandated that every public school district shift to digital instructional materials and transition to online assessment by 2015.

Jacob Oliva, assistant superintendent states: “This is groundbreaking territory for our school district and will change the way we deliver instruction in our schools. Flagler County will definitely be pioneering and setting the standard for other districts to follow.

“Through the use of thoughtful and innovative technology that enhances and extends teaching and learning, which includes simple yet significant support and access to the largest collection of educational content and productivity tools in the world, we will bring tremendous value to our students, our teachers and our taxpayers.

“We thank you, our community, for your loyal support and trust as we continue to lead the state in innovative learning and teaching in our A-rated district.”

Flagler Schools

Reveal data to prove red light cameras make us safer

Dear Editor:
It’s time to resolve whether the red light camera program in Palm Coast is effective or not. It’s time for Palm Coast officials to disclose the data that prove there has been an overall reduction in accidents/injuries/deaths citywide over the past year due to the introduction of cameras at selected intersections.

Bill Campion
Palm Coast

Red light cameras are a drain on local economy

Dear Editor:
Of all the comments concerning the red light cameras, both negative (mostly) and positive, I don't recall anyone addressing the effect these cameras have on the local economy.

The latest figures show a total of 670 tickets issued for the week of July 8 to July 14. Assuming this is an average week, that comes to around $106,530. Multiply that by 52 weeks and it amounts to $5,539,560 for the year. If the state and vendor get around $100 per ticket, that comes to close to $3.5 million dollars leaving the local economy. How many jobs does that amount to?

Charles Dean
Palm Coast

Build City Hall now; we deserve it

Dear Editor:
We have had five makeshift city halls in our short history since Dec. 31, 1999, when we exuberantly named our self a millennium city. David Letterman has asked, "Where is Palm Coast?" on his TV show, and national headlines have told us that we are the fastest growing city in the United States.

Almost all of the people I talk to tell me they would not think of living anywhere else. What are we waiting for?

Consider the following: The cost of building is less expensive in poor economic times, and taxpayers get the most for their money. Building now would create local income that directly benefits the entire community. We have the necessary land available to us. Our city government has wisely accumulated funds during better times to do the job without raising taxes to do it. We are paying almost a quarter-million dollars in annual rent for an inadequate facility with a questionable future.

In my opinion, our residents and city employees deserve an efficient, modern City Hall that our city can be proud of and now is the time to build it.

Art Dycke
Palm Coast


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