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Palm Coast Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2015 4 years ago

LETTERS: Palm Coast code enforcement is 'ridiculous'


Code enforcement is ‘unreal’ in Palm Coast

Dear Editor:

I read the article titled “Palm Coast may expand fence options” in the March 12 edition, and it seems to me that there are a few other things that need to be reviewed and changed.

We moved here from Montana via Maryland, and, while waiting for our shipment container to arrive, we get a notice that the lawn needed cutting. Mind you that we have nothing yet and after three days of rain the grass people couldn’t cut the lawn (previous owner contract).

So, threatened with a “further action,” we went out and bought another lawnmower to cut the lawn, (now we have two mowers). Then after the shipment arrived and all the items stored in the garage I had a small trailer with more items in it and nowhere to store them as the garage was full, so I again get another “pretty pink slip.”

Thankfully, the person I called gave me a seven-day grace to get things moved around. Shortly after moving in, I installed my two flagpoles and nothing was said by the “code police” since they came out and inspected my new fence and shed (two different times). I bought a new pole to add so that to even the aesthetic view so it didn’t look lopsided. My wife came home and found another “pretty pink slip” saying that “an anonymous complaint was called in about my flagpoles.”

I fly the American flag in the center, the MIA/POW flag on one side and the VFW flag on the other. I am a 28-year veteran (three tours in the Middle East, post 9/11) my wife is a 10-year veteran, and my son just completed his second tour in the Middle East. If other “single parcels” are allowed to have more than one flagpole, why am I restricted to only one?

Setbacks are another thing that needs to be addressed as well. Some sections have a five-foot setback, and I have a 20-foot one, so I lose a lot of my property that I cannot use or enjoy. It seems to me that if I wanted to live in a HOA community that dictates your life, I would have moved into one. Apparently Palm Coast is a HOA as they tell you the type, height and color of the fence you are allowed and how far away from your house it can be. Also what color of your house is allowed, the number of trees and the type allowed to be planted, etc.

I can understand the need for some enforcement. Keeping the areas clean and presentable is fine (no junk vehicles or trashy lots), but telling someone that their $20,000 to $70,000 boat can’t be in their driveways seems unreal. This is America after all and since I own my house and pay taxes on it, no one should have the right to tell me what I can do with it or what I have on it as long as it is maintained and presentable.

Al Horn

Palm Coast


Codes are ‘onerous’ and ‘ridiculous’

Dear Editor:

When my wife and I decided to move to Florida last year, we looked at homes in many different cities before purchasing our home here in Palm Coast. We wondered why everything was boring beige.

Unfortunately for us, no one told us in advance about all the rules and regulations here, including which colors you can paint your house or what type of fence you can have. I would expect this in a gated community, and at least they tell you the rules up front so you know what you’re getting into.

I have even heard that Palm Coast’s onerous rules are the reason we have to drive to Daytona, Port Orange and Ormond to shop at Sam’s, BJ’s or Big Lots.

I wish the rest of the Palm Coast City Council would listen to Councilman Steve Nobile. The council should be more concerned with the upkeep of property than the colors of homes and fences. Believe me, no one likes things neat and orderly more than I do, but this is ridiculous.

I think whoever came up with all these rules must have been a big fan of “The Stepford Wives” who wanted to live in a cookie cutter town void of all personality and freedom. If someone would have warned us in advance about all the rules and regulations we would have thought twice about buying a home here.

Richard Losasso Sr.

Palm Coast




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