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Palm Coast Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019 7 months ago

LETTERS: Over-trimmed trees make westbound Palm Coast Parkway hideous

Also in Letters to the Editor: City and county should get their priorities straight; overbuilding is making local roadways congested.
by: Guest Writer

Over-trimmed trees make westbound parkway hideous

Dear Editor:

Today I drove across the Palm Coast Parkway to the western end. A mile or so short of the end, I saw a flashing sign which mentioned the words "beautify Palm Coast." I didn't have time to read the entire message, but I did find it uncanny that it was situated in an area where the trees have been so radically trimmed near the utility lines that they look like were torn apart by a tornado. Just because you have trees doesn't mean the scenery is beautiful. 

It may only be my opinion, but the westbound parkway looks hideous, with what appears to be about a mile of these over-trimmed trees. Ironically, just a bit further west but on the southern (eastbound) side of the parkway, there is a sign welcoming you to "Tree City." It certainly isn't beautiful.

I think the city would look better with the trees totally removed, perhaps replace with something that won't interfere with the power lines.  Perhaps I missed a relevant story in the Observer; I can't imagine I'm the only one dissatisfied with the change to the appearance of the city.

Craig Kilpatrick

Palm Coast


City, county should get their priorities straight

Dear Editor:

I retired in 1994 and moved here. I have been told ever since I moved here that Old Kings Road would be widened to two lanes in each direction. This was originally the only way into this community. Here it is 25 years later, and it still hasn't been done.

Our county has wasted millions of our taxpayer dollars. Brought the old hospital, then old bank on Old Kings Road, now the Sears building. They don't seem to know what they are doing. People, wake up when it comes to elections. Vote them out. 

Then we started a city which was doing great under our first two mayors. Now we have a City Council that is wasting our tax dollars. They seem to be more worried about people living on Florida Park Drive instead of the people living in the rest of community. Spending tons of money on parks for dogs. We can't get are main roads repaved. You have a mayor who says buy in Palm Coast. Where is that money going? Wake up people in Palm Coast. Let's get a City Council that works for the whole city. 

Ken Klinkenberg  

Palm Coast


Overbuilding is making roadways congested

Dear Editor:

I agree with Dennis Rathsam’s article regarding “Matanzas Woods is getting choked.” I would like to add that all of Palm Coast is getting choked! The building is insane. Palm Coast Parkway is so congested now I can only imagine when all this building is done.

Many times of day, the intersection on Palm Coast Parkway and Boulder Rock is a disaster, with people stuck in the middle of the intersection going towards Walmart.  Does anyone ever think how that issue can possibly be corrected?  I can’t think of one. Let’s just keep building.

Pat Barile

Palm Coast

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