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Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014 5 years ago

LETTERS: Observer endorsements got it all wrong!


I have the necessary experience for City Council

Dear Editor:

It was interesting that part of your thought process to choose Heidi Shipley as your recommendation was her visiting 400 homes. You apparently you were not aware that I have attended almost every community event for the last month. Therefore, the feedback I got was from the business community as well as other citizens from all walks of life.

You also might not be aware that I discussed most of the cities issues by City Council members as well as attending a briefing from the city manager. I also have followed issues since the time the city was formed and have actively discussed them with city officials.

Every candidate has his or her way of campaigning; not any one way is the right way. My strength is I don’t have to go through “on the job training.” My prior experience, which you referred to, gives me the ability to hit the ground running and be a productive member of the council from Day One.

Joel Rosen
Candidate for Palm Coast Council
District 2


So what if I didn’t answer your silly questions?

Dear Editor:

Since I didn't answer your questions in long sentences in your endorsement section of the Aug. 14 issue, you were "puzzled.”

Puzzled, which led you to conclude that I wasn't interested in this campaign and that you were insulted. I hope that you don't start to cry, Mr. McMillan. The fact is it's me who was insulted due to this type of poor reporting and the yellow journalism that you printed.

It couldn't be further from the truth regarding my seriousness of this campaign. I have spent a good deal of time and treasure on this campaign. Yes, Mr. McMillan, I am very interested in this campaign. The people of Palm Coast need a change, not business as usual.

The other news media have interviewed me, Channel 13, FlaglerLive and the News-Journal, and reported accurately. You, however, didn't do that. You stuck in your own personal comment. Classic lying to your readers, and that's called yellow journalism.

For your information, Mr. McMillan, those questions that you asked were immature, childish and silly. They weren't designed for a serious candidate. Maybe some day you will improve on that. Until then, Mr. McMillan, stay out of the thinking business.

Norman K. Weiskopf
Candidate for Palm Coast City Council
District 4

Editor’s Note: Our interview process for Mr. Weiskopf was the same for all other candidates. Everyone was given equal space and opportunity to respond. 

Anti-camera vote: We endorse Douge and Rosen

Dear Editor:

We have been fighting the red light cameras in Palm Coast. It is true we opted to hold off on submission of the signatures collected for the ballot measure in this year’s election. We have the option of submitting in 2016. We did this due to the City Council’s hostility to the measure.

The council members indicated they would take action to hinder our efforts even if passed. We have no confidence the current council would properly negotiate our city out of the contract. There is a risk they would chose to payoff the camera company millions using taxpayer money. We were not willing to do that to our city.

In order for the measure to be successful, we would have to tilt the balance of power on the council to anti-camera. We began supporting candidates that support our efforts. We need your vote to put these candidates in office.

We endorse Woody Douge and Joel Rosen for Palm Coast City Council! Please vote for both of these men on the ballot. Early voting is happening right now and on primary day, Aug. 26. Please vote!

Woody Douge volunteered to go door to door and collect signatures early in our efforts. His work accounted for over 1,200 of the needed signatures. That's a lot of doors. He is the candidate for City Council we are certain will follow through on our work to get rid of the red light cameras. Woody Douge took action. That's the type of person we need on the City Council. The other candidates in District 4 are all talk, zero action.

Joel Rosen is the only candidate in District 2 with the experience required to continue our work. The other candidates lack the conviction and political experience to stand up to the current pro-camera council and the camera company lobbyist.

CarMichael McMillan
Palm Coast


Why stick with incumbents and the ‘old boys’ network?

Dear Editor:

I am disappointed that the Palm Coast Observer chose to endorse incumbents Frank Meeker (Flagler County Commission) and Bill Lewis (Palm Coast City Council). Both have demonstrated their disdain for their fellow citizens with a “government knows best” attitude, which is no better demonstrated with their support for the infamous red light camera scheme in the city.

Given that the current roster of candidates for the Palm Coast City Council (except for Mr. Lewis) is pretty much unanimously against the red light camera program and its dismal effects on the city of Palm Coast, the people have obviously made their feeling known. Therefore, continuing with the same folks and same mentality seems to be out of step.

The people seem to be upset with the “old boys” network that has gotten us where we are today. So while you criticize Mr. McDonald and Ms. Shaffer for being negative and wanting to tear down the establishment, that may be just what we need to turn our city and county around. There will be change this fall; the only question is whether it will be a tremor or a major earthquake.

Here is one voter hoping that the people make the earth move when they go in the voting booth.

Mike McGuire
Palm Coast


Office holders, like diapers, should be changed often

Dear Editor:

I read your endorsements. Looks like you are trying to maintain the status quo. You must believe the idiom, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.” I don't know who wrote this piece, but I would be willing to bet I've been in this area a lot longer than the author, and I've learned this about local politicians: The longer they stay in office, the more complacent and egotistical they become, so anyone who replaces them has got to be better than what we've got! Office holders here are a lot like diapers: They should be changed often.

As to Norm Weiskopf not saying much, Mark Twain put it best: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” Using this criteria, Norm appears to be the smartest person running in the fourth district.

Douglas Glover
Palm Coast


Observer proves you are in the pocket of local representatives

Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for your article setting forth your endorsements. Having read your newspaper now for several years, it has been more than obvious that you are in the pocket of our local “representatives” by failing continually to report unethical and unprofessional acts of these individuals.

For those of you who really do care for our community, please believe that we need to vote out every one of our current city and county representatives. It is insanity and a financial disaster to do otherwise.

Kim Olson
Palm Coast


Arts celebration shouldn’t be on Yom Kippur

Dear Editor:

I live in Palm Coast, read your paper and enjoy some of the reporting. I enjoy your family oriented editorials. Thank you for sharing those with your readers.

I recently learned that the Observer, along with the city of Palm Coast decision makers, as well as the Palm Coast Arts’ Foundation and Flagler County Art League selected a particular date for a large countywide celebration of the arts as well as a fundraising event for the arts. I am, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic supporter of the arts for my lifetime.

In light of this, imagine my shock when I discovered that this county made a decision to host the next celebration for the arts on the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, Saturday, Oct. 4.

Was there not one person who bothered to check a calendar to see that Yom Kippur fell on this particular date, and is there not one person who thinks that another, more suitable date might have been chosen? Would hosting a special event on Christmas Day, Good Friday or any other Christian holiday be considered appropriate? I certainly hope not because at the core is respect and observance of holy days.

If this was an oversight, shame on those in office who made such a choice. If it was not an oversight, then more than just shame on them — such disrespect of a high holy day is no small mistake in judgment. I doubt anyone would consider moving the date at this time, but I want your paper to know that I am outraged at the lack of care that was present at the time of date selection.

Flagler County has all ethnicities in residence. Are we not all to respect one another’s beliefs? Respect: Without it, there is no civilization.

I think that this is only one small drop in the large schematic that is playing out in our world. I do believe, however, that it is the small drops, either denied or left neglected, that erupt into the large, and often uncontrollable, problems in our society. Complacency is not to be tolerated. We can never forget what turning the other cheek and denial once brought to our civilization. Everyone deserves respect — everyone.

Dana Williams
Palm Coast


Someone stole my garden gnome

Dear Editor:

Karma, my favorite gnome, was guarding my sewer clean-out cover located halfway down my lawn (Palm Coast seems to think that's a good place to put a huge white vinyl clean-out port).

He has sat on top of the cover for quite some time so that I will remember to mow carefully around the port instead of over it.

Then, on the morning of Saturday, Aug. 16, my neighbor had a yard sale. “Oh,” I thought, “I'll put out those extra eight chairs and get rid of them.”

As I carried one more little thing out, I tripped and fell on my driveway, busting my knee open. I went inside to stop the bleeding and when I came out, someone from the neighbor's sale had kidnapped my gnome.

I'm 75 years old and this garden gnome was the last thing my daughter had given me years ago. Furthermore, he was nowhere near the chairs, which were by the end of the driveway.

Anyone returning him will get a $25 reward, my heartfelt “thank you,” and no problems.

The gnome has a faded red hat, cane, blue-green coat, flowers at his feet, and stands 8-10 inches tall. He probably didn't cost that much new, but means the world to me.

Carol Propper
Palm Coast

BOX: Thank you

This is long overdue, but late is better than never, I suppose. Our Elections Guide this year was a big undertaking. Thirty-one candidates were contacted via email, with follow-up emails and phone calls to verify whether they would be able to participate in our question-and-answer interviews on our deadline schedule.

That’s a big task, and it wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of help. Fortunately, a wonderful young woman named Alexandra Warnock showed up one day at the Ormond Beach Observer office and asked if she could be an intern. Alex is a student at Wake Forest University and is exploring future career options. She wrote a couple of news stories for us, and then agreed to be our elections intern, as well.

We have had many people contact us to thank us for producing the section, which was 12 pages in Palm Coast and eight in Ormond Beach. And Alex deserves a lot of those thanks.

Best of luck at Wake Forest, Alex, and best of luck in your bright future.

— Brian McMillan



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