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Palm Coast Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019 7 months ago

LETTERS: Objection to Mullins’ Trump hat disrespects president 

Also in Letters to the Editor: Beach restoration is a waste of taxpayer money.
by: Guest Writer

Objection to Mullins’ Trump hat disrespects president 

Dear Editor:

As a proud Navy Veteran, and as someone who still serves my country in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, I take exception to the writer who attacked County Commissioner Joe Mullins for wearing a Trump hat at this year’s Veterans Day celebration. 

That writer’s comments were nothing more than a deliberate and insulting attack on President Trump and had nothing to do whatsoever with honoring veterans. 

The President is my Commander-in-Chief, and as someone who still serves my country, I will obey his orders and respect his command. 

As a politician who is running for Palm Coast City Council in 2020, rest assured I will proudly join Commissioner Mullins and wear my Trump hat at next year’s Palm Coast Veterans Day festivities. 

Ed Danko

Palm Coast 


Mullins: Wearing Trump hat at event wasn’t partisan 

Dear Editor: 

I was not being partisan.   Last I looked, Trump is the president of the USA and the commander in chief.  I was taught to always show support to  him regardless of what party he is affiliated with. And many there also showed gratitude and support. 

I appreciate the gentleman’s candor, but it appears reading his comments and emails that he is not a fan of our president  and  is allowing those emotions to bring partisanship into play.  

Joe Mullins



Beach restoration is a waste of taxpayer money

Dear Editor:

Once again, Flagler County is leading the way. Our coastal neighbors to the north (St. Johns) and the south (Volusia) are stuck at 6.5 cent sales tax, while Flagler is 7 and looking at an increase. We are at an advantage in that our county officials are very good at raising taxes, and cutting spending is a foreign concept. Way to go!

It’s for a good cause: It would help pay for long-term plans to maintain the county’s beaches against coastal erosion. 

Many a night I have lain awake worrying about coastal erosion—yeah. I live about 6 miles from the beach, seldom go there and could care less about some beachfront millionaire losing some of his very expensive property to the Atlantic Ocean, and they want to take my money to rebuild his beach!

We have already spent considerable money on beach restoration. Much of this is federal money, and where do the feds get money? They tax me and borrow from the Chinese ! 

This whole boondoggle is a waste of time, effort and money.  

Three of the greatest minds in the universe — Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and Bernie Sanders — have said our beach in 8 to 13 years will be under water thanks to global warming. 

Then I’ll have beachfront property, but I’ll be 96 years old and probably won’t know it.

Douglas R. Glover

Palm Coast 

Editor’s note: Of the combined 7-cent sales tax in Flagler and the 6.5-cent sales tax in Volusia and St. Johns Counties, 6 cents are the state sales tax. 


FDOT’s roundabout spending is wasteful

Dear Editor:

As I drive in and around Palm Coast, it strikes how many things we could do to make to improve mobility if we only had more money. 

Roads and highways need repaving, we don’t have enough right and left turn lanes for arterial roads, and the traffic signals seemingly operate at random, frustrating all of us while increasing air pollution. 

Meanwhile, we have FDOT spending millions of dollars on unwanted and unnecessary roundabouts. 

It doesn’t seem to matter what the public wants or what will be the best uses for OUR tax dollars. All that is important to them is their brainless devotion to “safety” and roundabouts while other priorities languish. 

Currently, FDOT is inflicting the pain of two of these concrete monsters on us. 

In one case, there were no safety issues, and in the other case there were solutions available at a fraction of the cost.

It would have been nice had our local representatives like the County Council, City Council, or state representative/senator raised a huge fuss.

Now one well-known bar/restaurant has closed while in the other project, we have lost access to US 1 for an extended period from Matanzas Woods Parkway.

This monetary madness will not stop until we let our reps know that they need to step up to the plate and raise some h--- with the governor. 

As a transportation advocate for decades, I can tell you that we can do far more to improve our traffic by spending our resources wisely.  

But first we need to replace those in FDOT who seem to be clueless on how to best manage our road dollars.

Mike McGuire

Palm Coast


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