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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020 4 months ago

LETTERS: New apartments are too much, too soon

Also in Letters to the Editor: County Commissioner Joe Mullins should stop complaining about FlaglerLive and find something productive to do.
by: Guest Writer

New apartments are ‘too much, too soon’ 

Dear Editor: 

At a City Council meeting on Jan. 21, 2020, the Palm Coast City Council approved an ordinance to allow for residential high density on several tracts of land within the city.

At the very same meeting, the council approved the borrowing of $20 million to increase the capacity of the city sewer plant.

The increased capacity of the sewer treatment plant is necessitated by the increase in population. Does anyone see the irony in this? 

Anyone who has lived in Palm Coast has seen the rapid residential growth. At Town Center, there are two apartment complexes under construction, named Central Landings and HTG. Combined, there will be over 380 separate living units. 

There are several three-story units in both developments, and these do not have an elevator. 

Both are nearing completion, and the sign on Central Landings is indicating occupancy in March.

Perhaps with a large number of people who will be renting, Dollar General may wish to put a store nearby — that is, of course, if the city’s moratorium on dollar stores is over.

In my opinion, this is too much too soon, especially since the city must incur an increase in debt of $20 million.

John Brady

Palm Coast

Editor’s note: Brady is a candidate for Palm Coast mayor.


Mullins should stop complaining and go do something useful

Dear Editor:

At the risk of giving more exposure to County Commissioner Joe Mullins, he is once again doing what he does best: misinform, divide, misrepresent. 

Mr. Pierre Tristam’s recent article on FlaglerLive makes clear the respect and praise Tristam has for our local law enforcement officers.

Mr. Mullins seeks to air his personal grievances by taking his petty fight to the public via his letter.

A look at Mullins’ personal Facebook page speaks to his offensive approach to anyone who disagrees with him. 

His time would be better spent doing something for the citizens who elected him. 

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


Time for an anti-littering strategy

Dear Editor:

The Palm Coast City Council under Mayor Milissa Holland’s leadership is doing great work and improvements for this beautiful city and county that we live in.

Having been residing in Palm Coast since 2011, I have noticed the increase of trash that is starting to litter the surrounding environment. One can only attribute this to the population growth that we are experiencing.

The water catchment pond on the corner of Palm Coast Parkway and Florida Parkway Drive was overrun with trash.

On Saturday, Dec. 28, using a swimming pool skimmer net, I took with me one large trash bag, expecting it would only take an hour to clean the area.

How wrong I was. Filling up three large trash bags, this entailed everything from syringes to construction supplies.

Palm Coast is a beautiful city and fairly clean, however, there are areas that require attention. Colbert Lane and Palm Coast Parkway could do with a clean up.

Another suggestion would be to place more large signs stating ‘Keep Palm Coast Beautiful.’ I really do believe signs are a great start to changing culture and thought patterns.

Part of the city’s strategic goals is Goal No. 4, “Environment.” This has enlightened me we have some work to do. If I can do this is on my own in approximately four hours, just think what a team of people could do.

Why not set a goal to become the cleanest city in Florida, then put an action plan in place?

Steve Lockyer

Palm Coast

Editor’s note: The above letter is an edited version of a letter that was addressed to Mayor Milissa Holland and emailed to Holland, Councilman Nick Klufas and the Palm Coast Observer.

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