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Palm Coast Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019 5 months ago

LETTERS: Mullins' behavior 'disrespectful, obnoxious and immature'

Also in Letters to the Editor: Matanzas Woods Golf Course shouldn't be rezoned.
by: Guest Writer

Mullins' behavior obnoxious and immature

Dear Editor:

Joseph Mullins' vicious attacks go way beyond his Facebook page: He recently emailed a direct threat of a gag order to my husband and me, sent "officially" as county commissioner via his county e-mail.

In spite of our community having grossly insufficient egress and ingress, in addition to our unresolved water issues, he was the swing vote against the welfare of his own constituents to allow ICI to add another 300 residents to our community of over 5,000 people who have only two ways in and out. (Commissioners Sullivan and Ericksen agreed with the undersigned the item should be tabled until the issues affecting Mullins’ district's residents were resolved.) 

Joe Mullins prefers to spend his time taking selfies, voting against the wishes of his constituents then blaming the "law" and holding make-up town hall meetings to weasel out of his blunders, and of course for more photo ops.

His most recent insult was his actively campaigning, wearing a "Trump" hat, at Veterans Day ceremonies, and not that of a veteran such as John McCain, George Bush, John F. Kennedy or John Kerry. This was a direct slap in the face to the meaning of Veterans Day, which belongs solely to those brave men and women who fought for our democracy and our precious First Amendment rights. 

Mr. Mullins continually displays his disrespect for everyone who disagrees with him and hurls insults based on political and religious preferences, peppering his insults with demeaning adjectives such as "old," "bitter," "unhinged," and in need of muzzles.

Joe Mullins, in my opinion, is a dedicated public nuisance, and a far cry from a dedicated public official, who is wasting our precious tax money and time by ignoring his obligation to  protect the health, safety and welfare of all of us in Flagler County.

Joe’s throwing his money around to justify his disgraceful, disrespectful, obnoxious and immature behavior are not enough to justify his failure, in my opinion, to serve us as a dedicated public servant (which is the position he spent $154,000 in contributions, including over $127,000 of his own money, to obtain) has thus far failed miserably. 

Jane Gentile-Youd

Plantation Bay

Editor's Note: Jane Gentile-Youd and Joe Mullins were opponents in the race for County Commission in 2018; Mullins won.


Matanzas Woods Golf Course shouldn't be rezoned

This land was zoned recreational as a golf course and must stay recreational, not satisfy financial greed. The city should buy this land and turn it into a wonderful park with bicycle paths, dog park, baseball and soccer fields. Let’s turn this land into Palm Coast’s Central Park and plant trees and shrubs and turn this land into something Palm Coast can be proud of, and do something for the longterm welfare and mental state of its citizens. 

Keith Vinnicombe

Palm Coast

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