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Palm Coast Thursday, Apr. 30, 2020 3 months ago

LETTERS: Isolate the vulnerable, not the whole community

Also in Letters to the Editor: School Board is wasting time on transgender issues.
by: Guest Writer

Isolate the vulnerable, not the whole community

Dear Editor:

 As we approach six weeks of various stages of shutdowns across the nation and Florida and the damage it has done to millions of Americans and Floridians, more and more of us are we beginning to wonder why we are following this destructive path.

 Why indeed? The so-called experts that our political leaders have relied on have proven to be very wrong about what will happen and when. Their panicked expectations based on wildly inaccurate models have persuaded our leaders to do the wrong things at the wrong times.  

The body of our nation has become critically ill and perhaps disabled for months because the “doctors” treating one problem area have concentrated on a diseased area at the cost of the entire body.

 Yet even after these “experts” have been proven wrong or way off at every turn, our leaders continue to rely on the same flawed people offering the same flawed advice.

 Why not look to other, real experts who told us weeks ago what was happening and what would happen. People like Professor Knut Wittkowski have been and continue to tell us what we are doing wrong and we ignore the only folks that have been right all along.

 Among things that were discovered is that corona likely hit California late last fall so they had a chance to build up some “herd immunity.”

If the most vulnerable (aged and those with serious medical issues) were isolated, then the you allow the disease to run its natural course. Many people exposed to the virus will have little, if any, bad effects. But by allowing the spread of the virus, “herd immunity” will be built and once it reaches a critical point, further spreading of the disease is all but done.

Instead, the steps taken all but delayed any kind of “herd immunity,” so it is guaranteed that by “flattening the curve,” we have lengthened it so there will be corona cases for many months and those most at risk will remain at risk.

While we shudder at the thought of maybe losing 60,000 lives to corona, we often lose more to the newest strain of flu.

 Some will point out that this is something new but, in fact, it was just a variation to what we have seen before. We are dealing with COVID-19 so there have been different strains before and surely ones to follow. 

 Let us hope we, as a nation and state, learned the lesson. While we can survive another virus and other types of attacks, I’m not sure can survive another series of bad choices by our political leaders.

Mike McGuire

Palm Coast


School Board is wasting time on transgender issues

Dear Editor:

With the schools shut down due to fear of the virus, I see the School Board is wasting its time. Well, now I fully understand why Johnny can’t read or add 2+2=4. They are taking my tax money that I could have spent on me — money that seems to be wasted because the board doesn’t give the students the education we pay for — they had a debate and a ruling on a policy that would protect a child from harassment because said child wants to do something that’s impossible.

A person born as a girl will die as a girl. If you come out of the womb as a female, you go into the grave as a female. 

Surgery and cross-sex hormones can’t change us into the opposite sex! They can affect outward expressions of our reproductive organization but they can’t transform us; they can’t turn us from one sex into another, and anyone on the School Board that thinks this is possible should be kept at least 5 miles away from any school! 

The four members of the board who voted not to add this unnecessary protection should not rest on their laurels. This is one small step toward doing something right; you’ve still got a long way to go. 

Douglas Glover

Palm Coast


Observer provides unbiased coverage

Dear Editor:

Five years ago my wife and I retired in Palm Coast. Since that time, the Palm Coast Observer has been our news source of choice with your interesting and unbiased articles concerning the community’s growth and development.

Today, and especially at a time when the world seems to be turned upside down, we citizens look to your newspaper for information and even guidance of recent events and what we may expect in the days ahead.  I believe most citizens genuinely and sincerely appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you and your staff are giving of yourselves to keep us informed.

Thank you for your immense efforts and integrity.

Darrell Moore

Palm Coast

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