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Palm Coast Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011 9 years ago



+ Landon tried to dupe Palm Coast citizens about City Hall
Dear Editor:
I can’t resist saying, “I told you so.” I attended one of Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon’s community meetings on the subject of the proposed City Hall. Everything he did and said that evening was aimed at convincing the audience that the money was there for the building of the City Hall. Shame on him and the City Council for trying to dupe the citizens of Palm Coast. I hope everybody remembers this at election time.

Edith Campins
Palm Coast

+ Where is the $10 million for Palm Coast City Hall now?
Dear Editor:
Not long ago, my wife and I sat patiently through one of Jim Landon’s presentations as he presented his pitch for a City Hall. 

Landon had slick charts and graphs. He showed the $10 million for the proposed City Hall was already in the coffers of the city, and there was no need to finance it.

Now we find that this wasn’t so in any, way, shape or form.

My question is, Why are we paying this man an exorbitant amount of money to lie to us?

While we’re at it, it’s time to take a good look at our other politicians and decide whether they have the same mindset as the people they represent.

Karl Bradley
Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: The “dupe” and “lie” referred to in these letters comes from two statements by Landon. He said months ago that the city had funds to build a City Hall. Last week, he said, “We do not have the money in the bank.”

The key phrase is “in the bank.” Some of the funds he referred to, such as the building department surplus, cannot be used to balance the current budget. Therefore, it is not in the bank. But, it would be available for a possible City Hall construction.

+ Sawgrass Villas project has awakened Matanzas Woods
Dear Editor:
More than 200 neighbors gathered Aug. 8 in response to an apartment project being built in Matanzas Woods. A petition was signed by more than 300 individuals. (See Page 1 for the story.)

Sawgrass Villas is being developed and marketed by Putnam State Bank. It is being presented to the city of Palm Coast for approval.

When asked at the meeting who supported it, not one hand was raised! My heart was touched with the solidarity and passion of my neighbors. The families defined the heart of a neighborhood in crisis. Matanzas Woods has faced the loss of its golf course, the loss of homeowners to eyesore rental properties, an increase in crime and now this: a low-income housing project.

This project shocked our community out of the apathy and hopelessness of our current economic times. Like Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto said of his attack on Pearl Harbor: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

This project will burden our schools, reduce the value of our homes, increase crime, threaten wildlife, flood the already large rental market, stress our water and utilities, endanger children by increasing traffic, cause a safety evacuation hazard, and, most importantly, is totally incompatible with a residential single-family neighborhood.

There are no multifamily rental units in Matanzas Woods because it is a neighborhood of golf-course homes.

Compatible solutions are available. Modify the site for a small, one-story, age-restricted (55-plus), gated, single-family community. There is a need for this type of housing. It will not burden our roads with traffic or our schools with increased attendance.

Another solution would be acquiring this land for a park and nature reserve (by eminent domain).

Matanzas Woods has been ignored when other areas of Palm Coast receive parks and bicycle trails. The timing is perfect for a park. Ultimately, please rezone this area back to residential as it was originally birthed.

I urge the city of Palm Coast to modify this apartment plan. As a neighborhood, we are actively participating in the process to salvage our community. Visit:

Linda L. Spilling
Palm Coast

+ Rest of city watching Sawgrass Villas debate with interest
Dear Editor:
This is to the people of Matanzas Woods. I hope your attendance at the meeting Monday evening brings a happy ending to the Sawgrass Villas development.

You deserve the backing of our mayor, the city manager and the complete City Council. Hopefully Mr. Meeker, your representative, will step up to the plate and hit a home run for you.

I sympathize with you on trying to preserve your area and the community you bought into. It is very difficult to watch your dream turn into a nightmare. Keep the pressure on those who can make a difference if they are willing to work for you. It may be a long battle, but don’t give up.

The rest of Palm Coast is watching to see just how we should cast our votes in the upcoming election.

Mary Lipa
Palm Coast


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