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Palm Coast Thursday, Jul. 14, 2011 8 years ago



+ Landscaping, cleanliness make Palm Coast beautiful
Dear Editor:
I want to acknowledge how the city of Palm Coast really keeps up its image. I’m very proud to be a resident here, and of how they landscape all the roadways while keeping it all manicured and clean.

Even the little things: When I enter from the highway at night, there is landscape lighting on the palm trees and the signs welcoming me to Palm Coast.

With all the hiking/biking trails, land development and new construction, the planning all blends in together well. Compared to other cities around, I say Palm Coast is the winner — hands down.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Villecco
Palm Coast

+ Anti-Tea Party, pro-teacher letter doesn’t reflect reality
Dear Editor:
I read the letter in the July 7 edition of the Palm Coast Observer from the woman who accused the Tea Party members of being greedy.

On the one hand, she berates us for not wanting to pay higher taxes, and on the other hand has no sympathy for us because we have lost money on investments and had to make lifestyle modifications — something she seems unwilling or unable to do.

She complains about people in the private sector making too much money. Maybe it’s because those in the private sector work 12 months per year! I didn’t belong to a union, and I didn’t have tenure, so I had to produce. Otherwise, I got fired, which is a concept teachers are probably not familiar with.

In summation, let me point out that we are in what is now Obama’s depression, and considering the sorry state of our government, schools should now be getting a big pay cut, and I should keep more of my money.

Douglas R. Glover
Palm Coast

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