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Palm Coast Saturday, Jun. 16, 2012 8 years ago



+ No impact fees moratorium
Dear Editor:
I fail to understand how a moratorium on impact fees will be a benefit for the economy. The city needs money! More houses certainly will not help diminish the blight of our neighborhoods that all of the empty houses and empty business complexes have created.

I lived on a beautiful, well-kept street; now there are unkempt, empty homes and some that did sell have been turned into rental properties, which are also unkept and show no pride of ownership.

It is true that builders and tradesmen can profit, but what about the majority of us? Keep the impact fees. It might prevent overbuilding and just maybe, we can reduce the number of vacant homes.

People that want and can afford a new home will still have one built. Business will still come, and if the owners of commercial properties will adjust the rent to fit the economy, more might stay.

Martha Liebal
Palm Coast

+ Sexist coverage missed softball
Dear Editor,
I am shocked and saddened by the lack of coverage of the girls softball team championship in Palm Coast Little League.

In the June 6 edition of the Palm Coast Observer, there was a full-page spread complete with five, count them, five photos and a comprehensive recap of the championship game. One whole page was dominated by the boys’ game.

Unfortunately, The Observer did not mention that the girls team also played a championship, and it was a real cliffhanger. The two teams battled for five hours in a doubleheader for the title. The scores were very close and those girls really earned the title. They played a heck of a game.

Too bad The Observer is so sexist and biased that they felt it sufficient to print one line declaring the winning team, and not one photo. No wonder women continue to get paid less in the work field and earn less respect.

Kimberly Houle
Palm Coast

Editor’s Note:
Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything at every tournament, but you’re right: We missed the girls game. Congrats to the champs!


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