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Palm Coast Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2012 8 years ago



+ Tea Party rally errs in accusations of Obama being a communist
Dear Editor:
As I drove on Palm Coast Parkway today, I noticed members of the local Tea Party exercising their First Amendment rights on several of our street corners. I particularly noticed their signs with critical messages of President Obama.

Upon arriving home I found the usual couple of messages from Tea Party friends calling Obama a socialist, a communist, the Antichrist, etc.

The people who write and say these things have no knowledge of what they are talking about.

As a Cuban American, I am familiar with life under communist rule, and I reflected on the contrast between the emails and the reality. I thought of my father, who spent years rotting in a Cuban jail and the fact that in a communist country those citizens would have been rounded up and thrown in jail before they had a chance to unfurl their signs. They would have remained in jail, without due process, for as long as the government wanted.

Their families would not have known their whereabouts, and they certainly would not have been allowed a phone call.

Where else in the world but this democratic republic can you get away with criticizing the head of state and flooding the Internet with lies and inventions about him, for the gullible to believe? I thank the duly elected president for protecting our rights and consider myself extremely fortunate to live here.

Edith Campins
Palm Coast

+ Trayvon Martin incident to be decided in court, not at school
Dear Editor:
(Editor’s Note: This letter was written after students at Flagler Palm Coast High School walked out of class and gathered to pray and memorialize 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed in Sanford.)

Students should be taught that our nation is one of law and that our courts decide guilt or innocence.

The unconscionable use of this incident for partisan political gain by the president and his supporters should not be condoned and glorified by our school administration.

Oh, and by the way, when did the School Board OK prayer on school grounds?

John and Evelyn Palmeri
Flagler Beach

+ Thanks to an honest person who returned handbag
Dear Editor:
My wife and I would like to thank the lady who returned my wife’s handbag that I left in the cart in the Walmart parking lot March 22. It is comforting to know that there are still honest people around.

Walter Albano
Palm Coast

+ Senior centers needed on both sides of I-95, in Palm Coast
Dear Editor:
I would like officials to get a separate vote of the people so this great new city can have more family programs — two senior centers, one on each side of Interstate 95.

St. Augustine has a fine one, and it is a small town compared to Palm Coast. It is time for we, the people, to get what we need first, before a new City Hall, sidewalks, etc.

Leonard Lynn
Palm Coast

+ Students walk with their backs to traffic on narrow road
Dear Editor:
I had to take Farragut Drive east at 2:25 p.m. recently. I got behind a school bus that made four stops to let students off between Old Kings Road and Florida Park Drive.

At each stop, the students got off the bus and started walking home or wherever. One thing I noticed was that at all four stops, kids were walking with their backs to traffic after the bus moved on to the next stop. I was taught in the first grade to walk facing oncoming traffic.

Have things changed?

No wonder people are getting run over. Farragut Drive is a busy, narrow road that the Sheriff’s Office does not enforce the speed limit on; and Farragut Drive is a cut-through that is not wide enough for two lanes of traffic and students walking on both sides of the street. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Something needs to be done now before someone gets killed!

Art Frost
Palm Coast


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