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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 17, 2012 8 years ago



+ Sidewalks, speed enforcement needed on Bird of Paradise
Dear Editor:
I live on Bird of Paradise Drive, and my concern is the bad drivers and the lack of sidewalks at my end. I exercise by walking. I also ride my bike, and I have to walk my dog on Bird of Paradise. I can’t even count the times when I have been almost blown over by the speeders or had to jump off the road because if I didn’t, I would suffer the same fate as Ms. Pecqueur.

I wish the city would come to the realization that Bird of Paradise is one of the busiest and heavily traveled roads in Palm Coast and do something about it. Suggestion: Post signs asking drivers to use caution and watch for pedestrians. Enforce the 30 mph speed limit,(I see cars going 50 mph to 60 mph every day).

And, how about considering sidewalks?!

Douglas Toth
Palm Coast

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