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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 10, 2012 8 years ago



+ Flagler County’s use of half-cent sales tax ‘telling’
Dear Editor:
You published a very telling article relative to the use of the half-cent Local Government Infrastructure Surtax. The city of Palm Coast used its portion for “roads and drainage,” thereby benefiting all the citizens. The county used its share to “build the current county offices, the Emergency Operations Center, public works and general service buildings, the youth center and the courthouse.”

At least the county was thinking of the citizens when it used some of the money for the youth center. The rest, it would appear, primarily benefited county employees by improving their work environs.

William Schreiber
Palm Coast

+ More exposure needed for parks
Dear Editor:
I enjoy reading the Palm Coast Observer and liked your recent article about one of our local natural places to visit, Graham Swamp. My husband and I are not sports enthusiasts, but we do enjoy the outdoors. I have often thought that it would be of interest to many people if you could investigate or visit the many natural areas in the county and include articles about them in your newspaper.

In Flagler County, we are fortunate to have many natural areas available for us to visit and enjoy.

The phone books usually list many of these places, but it would be nice if there was more information about these places so locals, visitors, newcomers and those of us who have been here for years would become more aware of the natural areas and what they have available.

Sandra Strausser
Palm Coast

+ Invest in education about sea turtles, not lawsuits about bonfires
Dear Editor:
I attended First Friday in Flagler Beach, and, once again, the topic of conversation was sea turtles and bonfires, with the underlying threat of a lawsuit against Flagler Beach and Flagler County if the bonfires were not banned.

It reminded me of when I was a kid: If I don’t get my way, I’m taking my ball and going home!

If the turtle people have the financial resources for a lawsuit, I think the money would be better spent on education. Develop a program and bring it to high school assemblies, have field trips to the beach for younger children so they can learn about turtles laying eggs and how the nests are marked, hold public seminars to learn why turtles are endangered and how the general population can help. There are enough checks and balances in place today during turtle season without the continued erosion of our civil rights.

If you nighttime surf fishermen and your lanterns think you are immune to this controversy, think again. Lanterns are a light source. What’s next: No driving on A1A after dark?

Trudy Manen
Palm Coast

+ Thanks to Frank Meeker for his reminder about elections
Dear Editor:
Although Palm Coast City Councilman Frank Meeker belongs to another party than mine, I found his opinion, “A statement on election fairness,” of great interest. His views were very well articulated and showed a man of intelligence.

Thank you, Mr. Meeker, for reminding us to be civil, polite, respectful and accepting of others’ opinions. I, too, will try to live up to my moral standards as well as yours.

Viviane Lindeolsson
Palm Coast

The following comment was posted on, in response to Charlotte Smith’s March 7 letter to the editor, “My generation changed the world; now, kids get pierced”:

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ― Mother Teresa

Ms. Smith, I could not disagree with you more. I work with and know a lot of “kids” in the generation you are writing about, and they are amazing.

I have a son who is of the generation you are putting down, and he is about to deploy to Afghanistan to serve his country. I know youth in my church and throughout the community (and country for that matter) who volunteer to serve their peers, and others less fortunate then they are, with a passion I have not seen in any other generation.

This generation knows more than you and I may ever know about terrorism, politics, social media, economics and war. Please do not discount them for their appearance. I will use one more quote to give you a gentle reminder — and I believe this great man was speaking about more than just skin color, don’t you?

“Judge me by the content of my character, not the color of my skin.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Julie Davis
Palm Coast

+ Thanks for the Youth Reality Show coverage
Dear Editor:
Thanks so very much for the great article about our African American Cultural Society Youth Reality Show. The young people did a great job depicting black history figures of note.

The Palm Coast Observer devoted a full page in the Feb. 22 edition, lauding their depictions. Shanna Fortier did a splendid job of describing the multifaceted show. Our youth, their parents and grandparents all appreciate The Observer’s positive recognition.

Madalin Price
Palm Coast

+ Youth Reality Show coverage was excellent
Dear Editor:
Last month’s coverage of the Youth Reality Show event by Shanna Fortier was fantastic. She did it with feeling as well as highlighting each performance.

After writing the story, she also made a CD of the show for us. The young people really loved it! Five stars to Shanna.

Jeanette Wheeler
Palm Coast

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