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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011 9 years ago



+ Elected officials, we don’t want growth
Dear Editor:
They say people only get the government they deserve. Sadly, I believe this to be true. I’m upset about our local elected officials and what they are doing to our city. They continue to have their own personal agendas and totally ignore the needs of the people who elected them.

They start off “all ears” until they obtain office; then they totally ignore we, the people, who elected them in the first place. What happens to these people? Why do they turn on us after we put our faith in them? Are they corrupt, or arrogant, or both?

I personally remember helping elect one such County Commissioner. She sat in my living room as a number of us explained that the majority of the people moved here to escape the big city and all its problems, for the small town life that Palm Coast offered. We liked it small, and we wanted to keep it that way.

Now she has an agenda to bring 250 new businesses to Palm Coast. Why? To congest the roadways more? To strain our already diminishing water supply? To clog the schools?

I feel betrayed. Why isn’t she doing something good, like trying to find a way to lower taxes or conserve resources or find a way to lower our water costs? How about some type of public transportation? Or even something small, like adding battery recycling to the trash collecting?

This is only one example, of the hundreds of examples out there.

The ABC Liquor debacle, the City Hall screw-up, the overpriced Palm Coast signage, the hangar at the airport — just to name a few more. Where do we get these overpriced people, and why are they so far away from the realities the rest of us see?

At this time, our county has approximately 3,000 foreclosed homes, many residents are having trouble making ends meet, and yet our officials are still spending like there is no tomorrow. Wake up and look around you!

So what do we, the people, do? I believe nothing touches their reality better than having a few heads roll. Election time is coming, and it’s time for a change of watch. Let the people of Palm Coast be heard, and let’s act before any more damage can be done.

Karl Bradley
Palm Coast

+ Spend money on shell buildings, travel expenses
Dear Editor:
Just recently there was a meeting of our County Commissioners, arguing to spend more money to employ another commercial and industrial real estate special interest group.

We have spent millions of dollars with very little success so far. There are other ways for our county to entice large and small businesses to relocate here.

Why not contract a large construction company that has the experience in all phases of pre-fabricated structures and has the finances to put up a number of models along U.S. 1 and State Road 100?

The model buildings would be a shell only — no floors, partitions, plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioning. The money the county is now spending, could be used for advertising, and giving prospects gratis plane and ground transportation, accommodations and meals, and a helicopter flight over Flagler County.

Was that not the way Palm Coast was developed?

Walter Albano
Palm Coast

+ No interchange needed — or wanted — at Matanzas
Dear Editor:
I live near Mantanzas High School, and for convenience purposes we use Old Kings Road to U.S. 1, and then just barely one mile to Interstate 95, Exit 298, to head north. Coming south, we reverse the trip.

It’s quick, easy, and we don’t have to use Palm Coast Parkway. Also, for those folks living in L- and B-sections (Matanzas) could use Matanzas Parkway to U.S. 1, north to I-95, and reverse.

Evacuation problem solved. Traffic distributed away from Palm Coast Parkway? Check. I’m sure even folks who live in the C-section use Palm Harbor to Forest Grove, to Old Kings, to U.S. 1, etc.

Do we really need an expensive expenditure for an interchange this close to residential areas, or another commercial center at Matanzas Woods that can be an easy mark for crimes of burglary/robberies, etc.?
I say no. We see enough of that at the Palm Coast Parkway and State Road 100 interchanges.

Janet Ann Bull
Palm Coast

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