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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011 8 years ago



+ Land purchases of $4.5 million in city don’t add up
Dear Editor:
The city of Palm Coast bought nine acres of land for $4.5 million.

The Crescent Co. bought three golf courses in Palm Coast for $4.5 million, with buildings.

How could there be such a difference in the price per acre?

There are also wetlands in the golf courses.

The governments complain they have no money. This is one good reason why.

Thomas Sulser
Palm Coast

+ Teacher dress is unprofessional
Dear Editor:
I looked on with interest at the picture of teachers and employees of the year on Page 1B of your Dec. 1 issue.

With all the talk about school uniforms, it appears the place to begin with garnering respect from students and parents would be to address the very unprofessional dress of those who teach, and in turn, look for respect from the students.

Unless this picture was taken at a picnic after hours, I have to say that the dress of those involved is disgusting.

Bill Nelson
Palm Coast

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