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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 9 years ago



+ Anti-City Hall letter was on the money
Dear Editor:
The letter entitled “No City Hall as long as unemployment soars,” published in the Dec. 16 issue of the Palm Coast Observer, was spot on.

I commend you for publishing it and Harry Ouimet for his presentation of the facts and conclusion. This letter best expresses the views and concerns of the majority of Palm Coast residents.
Let’s hope our elected officials heed the views expressed in the letter.

Judith Kieckebusch
Palm Coast

+ Kudos to The Observer’s wrestling coverage
Dear Editor:
I want to thank you for the great job your paper is doing in covering all the interests of Palm Coast residents. I can’t wait to get my paper every Thursday.

I especially want to compliment your coverage of the Dec. 8 Flagler Palm Coast Bullldogs/Matanzas Pirates wrestling match. Outstanding! Thank you. I look forward to reading more about the wrestling seasons of our high schools.

LaWana Whitaker
Palm Coast

+ ‘Outdoors’ is vague; focus on ‘Flagler’
Dear Editor:
In regards to your Dec. 16 cover story, “The Greatest Outdoors”: It doesn’t take a media expert to know you don’t brand something by making its title more obscure than it already is. Notice that Chris Carey didn’t brand Jello Pudding by leaving out the name “Jello,” which everyone already recognized.

“The Greatest Outdoors” references nothing, while the words “Flagler” and “beach” have some relevance to what we have to offer between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine.

Flagler was a famous American who was noted for the many things he accomplished.

My suggestion, if you want to make an impression, is to focus on things that are real, not create some vague reference to something that has nothing to do with Flagler, Bunnell or Palm Coast. What’s wrong with “Flagler County,” or “Flagler Beach”?

To get even more basic, why do we need a brand in the first place? This is the real question we need to answer before forging ahead.

Pete Hull
Palm Coast

The Palm Coast Observer gives priority to letters of general interest about local issues and reservees the right to edit for space. E-mail [email protected].

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