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Palm Coast Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011 8 years ago



+ Stop defending Enterprise Flagler; it was mismanaged
Dear Editor:
The News-Journal just could not restrain itself from memorializing the Enterprise Flagler group and waxing on about what a loss it was for them to be disbanded.

Then we had an editorial in the Palm Coast Observer asking, “What went wrong among so many good people with good motives?” Developers and lawyers in the group called it political shenanigans. That is what you say when you go down a one-way street in the wrong direction and cannot admit it.

Then we had The Observer quoting Mr. Ottati, a late recruit who tried to rescue Enterprise Flagler, haggling over how to return the people’s money to the people.

Let’s be candid: Enterprise Flagler was mismanaged by a group that could not organize, could not lead and could not produce. As it disbanded, everyone was saying what a great job had been done; well, that’s one way to celebrate failure. Then you have a lawyer apologizing to the head of Enterprise Flagler “for the political conundrum you found yourself in.” These guys would go over big in Washington.

Now we have the county resurrecting Enterprise Flagler under a new name, the Economic Opportunity Council, with the same leader. Just how stupid do they think we, the people, are? Oh, it is going to be different, says County Administrator Craig Coffey. How? It will be transparent.

The Observer editorializes that the new EOC will be different from Enterprise Flagler because it will have more than double the public funding, and marketing will have more teeth and focus, and accountability will be increased. Doo doo del toro!

We will recover when the national economy recovers, not before.

The city of Palm Coast has it right: Make this a great place to live, and people will come. Stay out of debt, and we will be OK!

Skipper Hanzel
Palm Coast

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