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Palm Coast Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014 5 years ago

LETTERS: On the economy, the elderly, bird nests


Overzealous government is a boa constrictor on economy

Dear Editor:
Ms. Revels appears to have firmly planted her faith in ever-expanding government and its bedfellows as the answer to our economic troubles — despite the fact that history and our own current reality prove the contrary.

Ms. Revels, based on your opinion piece, have you noticed the only people giving you accolades are either directly or indirectly attached to government?

Ms. Revels, government does not create jobs. Unless, of course, it's for its own growth. I believe local government added some 200-plus jobs last year alone, while the private sector tanked. It is not government’s business to create jobs. In fact, the more government does to "comprehensively and sustainably create jobs" (whatever that means), the longer stagnation clings to the private sector!

Storefronts are empty all over Palm Coast, yet in your view things have never been better. Regarding unemployment, we've been in the top two in the state for 5-plus years. Unemployment went up by over 1% last month, but that's a "good thing" according to Helga Van Eckert. "The universe of jobs has expanded so as to create a distortion.” Blah, blah, blah. And 2+2=5 — trust me.

When local governments’ self-interested performance is called into question, you imply that your constituents are ignorant. Much the same way our beloved editor, Brian McMillan, did after his April Fool’s prank fell flat. Put down the shovel while you still can. Do you think people can't see? Do you think people can't reason for themselves?

Here's an idea. Stand up and take the heat. You should apologize and change your ways, for the good of your county, your country and your soul.

Overzealous government is a boa constrictor to an economy and you prove it every time you clock in. Do us all a favor and take a long vacation. We, the people, will handle the rest.

Timothy Hall
Palm Coast

Older folks in Palm Coast are being unfairly labeled

Dear Editor:
I realize this email is a little late in regards to your April Fool’s joke. I, for one, appreciated it.

The purpose of this letter is to address some of the comments made regarding retired individuals and older readers being confused by the phony headlines. There have been other comments made in the letters to the editor regarding the older citizens of Palm Coast.

I am both retired and older and was not confused by the phony headlines because I read the articles and then went to page 6 as instructed.

Obviously the two writers who made these comments must not have much interaction with us older folks, because if they did they would discover that we usually read the entire paper from cover to cover. We like to keep informed of what is going on in our community, and you don’t always discover that with reading only the headlines.

We do not sit around our house wringing our hands and worrying about the red light cameras because we usually obey the traffic regulations. It would be interesting to see the average age of the red light runners; I believe statistics would prove that the majority of the tickets issued are not to us old folks.

I am involved with many organizations in this community where the membership is made up of us old folks. We are a pretty hip population. We log many volunteer hours because we are retired and have the time, the desire and the education to do so.

I may be one of the older folks, but I have a PC, laptop, a tablet, a Kindle Fire HD, a smartphone and know how to use them. Most of my friends also are technologically smart. We make a point to educate ourselves so that we can take our place in this technological world.

I challenge these writers to get involved with the older population. They might be surprised and even learn a thing or two.

Lee Fasnacht
Palm Coast

Will those who destroyed bird nests be held accountable?

Dear Editor:
Help me understand: In the article about the destruction of active migratory bird nests, it was established that this is against both federal and state laws, the perpetrators were identified — along with the organization that hired them — and no one is being held accountable?

Aren't both the landscape company and the homeowners association guilty of violating the law as described in the paper?

I hope that the employees of the Observer are helping to ensure justice is served and this is not another April Fool’s joke.

Doug Hough
Palm Coast

County’s best-kept secret: Flagler County Airport

Dear Editor:
What is the best-kept secret of Flagler County? The Flagler County Airport, of course! Did you know you can take a behind-the-scenes tour of our Flagler County Airport? And it is free! Roy Sieger, airport director, gave our two groups (Red Hat and Maryland Club) an enlightening and informative 45-minute presentation and then a bus tour to see the airport tower and all the buildings surrounding this busy airport.

One of the interesting facts is the Flagler Airport has a contract tower and is the third-busiest contract tower airport in the country. A representative from Blue Sky Acrobatics spoke to us and offered rides in their restored/vintage planes, one being a Russian and the other a Chinese. If you would like to try aerobatics in one of their planes, then this is the ride for you.

Also, you can see some of the airplane owners tinkering on their planes — they are called hangar rats.

We were able to get up close to the FireFlight helicopter and talk to a paramedic who rides on it. These are just a few of the interesting things you’ll see there. We would recommend this tour to any of our citizens here in Flagler County. Roy is very proud of the airport and is constantly trying to improve its service to our county and its people and to all those who fly in.

Take the time to visit; it’s worth the effort. You will be pleasantly surprised how much information you will gain. Thanks to Roy and his staff for spending time with our two groups and for their dedication and commitment to our local airport.

Linda Kremkau
Francine Fatuzzo
Palm Coast


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