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Palm Coast Monday, Aug. 31, 2015 5 years ago

LETTERS: Belle Terre pool deserves to be saved; plus: Sea Ray and Flagler Beach should have a talk

What do your neighbors think about the latest news in Flagler County?

Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club used for more than just ‘recreation’

Dear Editor:

The Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club is far from merely being “recreational,” the word used to determine its demise recently at the Flagler County School Board meeting. It is very apparent that the majority of the School Board members have never visited the facility or even taken into account the many entities having the privilege of utilizing the only year-round aquatic facility in Flagler County.

The Synchro Belles (national championship synchronized swimming team) use it for their training purposes. Learn-to-swim programs offered are a must in our community. Aquatic exercise classes offered are full to capacity and are a necessity for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Flagler County. Members and walk-ins, as well as out-of-town visitors use this facility individually for necessary exercise on a daily basis. All these programs are not “recreational.”

Lastly: swim teams. Being an athlete on a swim team teaches our students discipline, goal setting, and leadership skills for the next generation to come. Not to mention the Master’s swim team using the facility. Our facility has the unique opportunity to bring together its participants of all ages of our county together.

The members, staff and all the participant members and athletes of this aquatic facility have strived to work together to achieve the best for our county. This is what we have to work with at the moment. There must be a way for the entire community to come together in order to have this facility available of Flagler County residents.

Maybe one day, the light of aquatic enterprise will shine on Flagler County. Until that day, let’s put some creative thoughts together in order for the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club to remain open for the benefit of all residents of Flagler County who choose to use it.

Karen Cruz
Palm Coast

Belle Terre pool could benefit from tax dollars used elsewhere

Dear Editor:

In an Aug. 27 letter to the editor, Edith Campins stated that “the county has also approved giving the company (that would be Spartan Race) 25,000 taxpayer dollars to help pay for the race.” This race was supposed to be held at the beautiful Princess Place.

The members of the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club would like to see that $25,000, which they would have paid, kept here in Palm Coast, perhaps at the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club, not given to an outside company. When we read articles like the one pertaining to the county and the city using grant money intended to help low-income seniors and other residents fix up their homes to fund yet another bike path, it does make you think. I have nothing against bike paths; we use them, also. Hey guys, we are the home team here. How about a little help!

We, the current members, and hopefully past and future members, of Belle Terre are trying to keep open a vital community health facility, which includes a gym, tennis courts, classrooms and an Olympic-sized pool. Your membership “bundles” together all the amenities of the facility in one location. The member-elected Advisory Board will see to it that the day-to-day operation of the facility will be in accord with the wishes of the membership.

The Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club has served the entire community for many years, and we want to keep it that way. Come one, come all, we welcome you and want everyone in the community to join us, not only for your health, but for the pure joy of being with those who share this city with you.

We are a diverse group, with lots to give each other. We laugh a lot (most of the time), complain about politics and world issues and so far have managed not to drown each other. We enjoy great camaraderie in the gym, encourage each other, talk about our aches and pains and have fun. The tennis courts are a good place to be competitive and take out your frustrations on a little round yellow ball. The exercise classes are not for the faint of heart nor are the water aerobics classes. These folks are there to get fit. There are also swim lessons offered, which add to a child’s safety and enjoyment in the water. It is great to hear the laughter of children having fun with their friends and family.

Help us to keep the facility up and running. There is something for everyone. We need the support of the community, the city and the county. For membership information, email [email protected].

Mary Lipa
Palm Coast

Will Florida Park Drive homeowners finally stop complaining?

Dear Editor:

It’s time to put the Florida Park Drive issue to bed. Nobody told the homeowners to purchase a house on a cut-through. Had they taken the time to do a little research, they would have bought elsewhere.

Common sense will leave you to think: cut through, traffic ... traffic, cut-through! Sorry, folks, but the next time you want complain, look in the mirror. That is the face that got you into this mess.

I own three houses in Palm Coast, and not one is on a cut-through. By the way, I know a good realtor.

Dennis C. Rathsam
Palm Coast

Sea Ray, Flagler Beach should sit down and have a talk

Dear Editor:

I have been listening to and reading about the Sea Ray Boats parking lot expansion issue for some time. Not once have I heard that maybe a meeting between the city and the company is in order to discuss the real issue here: the odor and the emissions.

It would appear to me that maybe something could be worked out, given that the city and the company need each other?

Doesn't everybody realize that taking a "my way or the highway approach" is not an option? It only hurts everyone! And it is stupid, to boot!

Tom McMullin
Palm Coast

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