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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019 7 months ago

LETTERS: Affordable housing needed for seniors

Also in Letters to the Editor: Politicians have right to honor president.
by: Guest Writer

Affordable housing needed for seniors

Dear Editor:

Currently there is a rapidly increasing controversy concerning putting condominium housing in an existing neighborhood. The owner of the property wants to give the golf course driving range to the city in return for the city greenlighting his plan to build five multiple story buildings on land adjacent to the golf course. (Editor’s Note: See the story on Page 3 for the developer’s updated proposal.) This will not solve the problem facing a growing number of senior citizens because these units will sell for market value. Therefore this increase in housing stock will not only drive down the value of homes in that neighborhood but will not meet the need for affordable housing for seniors.

In every local political race, the issue of affordable housing comes up, and candidates struggle to find an approach that would be acceptable to both extremes. The one extreme thinks affordable housing means Section 8 and bringing in “those kind of people”. The other extreme pushes for affordable housing because of the low paying jobs here and the need for young people to be able to find housing, get married, and raise a family.

There is a currently a silent and increasing population that will be in need of affordable housing. That population is composed of seniors, whose retirement dream has turned into a nightmare. It maybe that a spouse died and that source of income has ended. It may be that a couple moved here on a fixed income and now have to replace a roof. Also included in this group are folks who have an income based on investments that have slowed.

Another sad option to make up for lost income is to seek employment. It is sad that a person at this stage of life must seek employment. In additional to age-imposed physical limitations there is the embarrassment of competing against children as young as their grandchildren for an entry level job.

Many of these people can look to see if they can sell their home and use whatever equity to move to another home or apartment, but here is the rub. When they look at available replacement housing, they find that the monthly cost will be far greater than their existing monthly cost. They can move and use the equity to cover the increased shelter cost, but they know this is a temporary solution as the equity will be eaten up at some point.

Since that solution is temporary, many turn reluctantly to relatives and in most cases this means their children.   

Sadly a third solution is to look into public senior citizen housing in the locale where their lived prior to coming to Florida. In most public housing your rent is calculated at 25% of your gross income.

I am suggesting a more humane solution, and that involves either the city of Palm Coast or Flagler County building and maintaining senior citizen housing. The timing could not be worse in both the city and the county, but this population is growing.

This population is your friends and neighbors and may one day be you. Time to start the discussion.

John Brady

Palm Coast

Editor’s note: John Brady is a candidate for Palm Coast mayor.


Keep God in the schools

Dear Editor:

“No Prayers Before School Board Meetings” was the article headline on Nov. 21. Sure, I agree that the board should not make any pretense of having any mention of God in our schools (sarcasm). Next it will be, “Bring in the drag queens for the kids to learn all about sexuality.” I pray that God spares us from his wrath.

Martin Noyes

Palm Coast


Politicians have right to honor president 

Dear Editor:

The ignorant folks that want to tell our elected politicians what to wear, or what hat is on his head, are way over the top. I wear my MAGA hat, and I wear T-shirts with Trump’s picture on them.

Dennis C. Rathsam

Palm Coast


Joe Mullins’ behavior is unfit for office 

Dear Editor:

Yes, Mr. Mullins, you do have the right to free speech but, as a public official voted to his office by the people of Flagler County, you also have a responsibility to the office you hold by acting with proper decorum and treating your constituents — regardless of political affiliation — with dignity and respect.

No matter the forum – whether in public, at a council meeting or, yes, even on your Facebook page – you should be above the fray instead of exchanging personal barbs and insults with your constituents.  Despite this abhorrent behavior, the council on which you are a member – by refusing to admonish or even counsel you – is condoning the same irreverent behavior unworthy of any elected official.

If this is the best you have, Mr. Mullins, then the citizens of Flagler County made a grave mistake in the 2018 election.

Bill Green

Palm Coast


We have the right to wear what we want

Dear Editor:

A letter writer, Bob Gordon, complained that Commissioner Joe Mullins arrived to a bipartisan Veterans Day event with a Trump hat on his head.

The partisan person was Bob Gordon. He obviously doesn’t like Trump. 

If I wear a Miami Dolphin shirt, and someone else wears a Jacksonville Jaguars shirt, does that mean it is wrong?

This is America. We have the God-given right to wear what we want and where we want. A hat is just a hat, and to being upset about it is childish.

The fact the Palm Coast Observer described Mr. Mullins as a “problematic” candidate in its endorsements, shows they have biases as well.  The Observer is biased, but I still read it.

We dealt with many presidents we didn’t like. But unlike the media, we just deal with it till the next election.

Mr. Gordon, Mr. Mullins has every right to wear what hat he wants. 

Cheryll Murphy



Mullins helped fight Sheriff’s Ops debacle

Dear Editor: 

We have been reading all about the abandoned sheriff’s headquarters being able to be fixed while following Commissioners Greg Hansen and Dave Sullivan’s quest not to be proven wrong for sitting on their hands for 2 1/2 years. Bottom line is these two current commissioners failed to act for our deputies and staff while they were being poisoned.

Consider that the abandoned headquarters was constructed four years ago for a total cost of under $9 million by the former Flagler County administrator and engineer. The proposed new headquarters as envisioned by real professionals that design and build these type structures now estimate $30 million.

This is standalone proof that this structure was inadequate in 2015. They built on the cheap because the Board of County Commissioners spent most of the bond issue on a new jail for criminals. 

Had Commissioner Joe Mullins not been elected, the Craig Coffey/Sally Sherman Show would still be playing at the Green Dome. 

Dennis McDonald 

Palm Coast


Matanzas Woods is getting choked                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Dear Editor:

Oh boy: Apartments on the corner on Belle Terre and Matanzas Woods Parkway, medical buildings around the corner, a Dollar General and the new senior developement on Laramie Drive, now add the new Publix.

Palm Coast is building a quagmire.

People who live on Luther and Laramie can’t get to I-95 in the mornings because of the school traffic. Some days it’s backed up all the way to the light. This is now! What are we to do when all this construction is complete?

Our current administration is more concerned about throwing money away on a dog park, which is named for our current mayor’s father, than our infrastructure and safety.

With all the new homes being built, apartments, and new stores, why are the taxes going up? Something is rotten in Palm Coast. 

Dennis C. Rathsam

Palm Coast








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