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Palm Coast Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 4 years ago

LETTERS 11.28.12: Why cultural arts grants are a waste


+ Cultural arts grants are a waste of money in Palm Coast

Dear Editor:

Well I see we are giving away $20,000. “We,” being the people of Palm Cost through our elected representatives. “So what,” as one of our reps said, it’s only .13% of our budget. That’s like saying it’s only one cancer cell.

What criteria did our reps employ when downloading this largesse? I’m sure (being as I’m an ignorant redneck) that it had nothing to do with friendship, family ties or campaign contributions; it was all done on merit and need. Yep!

Let us take a look at where our money is going. I think that one place it is going is illegal. Ever heard of the separation of church and city? Wait until the ACLU hears about this. The Methodists and the Presbyterians are getting $1,875 each! What about the Baptists, Catholics, Jews and Muslims?

The African American Cultural Society is getting money. Where’s the diversity? Where’s the money for the CRDCSA (cracker and redneck declining cultural and singing association inc.)? Impressive name, ain’t it? And you’ll notice, no caps. We just started it today so you know we need lots of money in the name of diversity.

We are still giving money to the FAMHM (Flagler Agricultural and Money Hole Museum)? How much does this mistake cost a year and does anyone other than students (who should be studying the three R’s if we can find a teacher who knows how to teach them) ever go to this boondoggle? Time to shut it down!

This one I don’t believe: you’re giving $3,125 to the Gargiulo Art Foundation’s Bicycle Art and Poetry Show? You’ve got to be kidding, delusional or you’re putting this money in your pocket.

I have a question for Mr. Bill Lewis: What do you mean when you say $20,000 is cleanup money? You use jargon I am not familiar with. You seem to be implying that $20,000 is a mere pittance. There are now a lot of people in this country that would kill for a lot less. This is a lot of people’s tax money!

Last and least, there’s the Flagler County Art League member who said he was disappointed that some people don’t think the arts are important. Put me in that group. It always struck me as odd that the art lovers don’t have any money and want to take mine to support something I don’t care about! And as for the lack of art putting us back in the dark ages, don’t worry about it. The federal government, with the help of the states, counties and cities, are going to put use back in the stone age, only now we’ll have guns, not rocks.


Douglas R. Glover

President and charter member of the CRDCSA inc.

Palm Coast


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