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Palm Coast Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014 5 years ago

LETTER: Soccer coverage was a joke this year


Soccer coverage ‘a joke’

Dear Editor:
I would like to give a heartfelt congratulations to both the Matanzas and Flagler Palm Coast girls and boys soccer programs. You have made us all extremely proud! While the soccer has been outstanding, the coverage by the Palm Coast Observer of the Matanzas boys program has been disproportionate and quite honestly embarrassing.

There was no article written online or in the paper for the Matanzas boys win over Lake Mineola that sent them to the Regional Semi-Final. Not one word. There were three articles written for the three other soccer programs.

This is the most successful season in Matanzas history for the boys. Surely their hometown paper will give them a shout out. Sadly, no article was written online or in Thursday’s edition on the regional championship. While they did lose, they held the state’s leading scorer to 1 goal. The Daytona Beach News-Journal had a complete write up of the game in Saturday’s paper, with the game ending after 9 p.m. on the night before, so I don’t feel that it is unreasonable to expect a write-up in your paper almost a full week later.

There is plenty of material to write about — you just need to apply yourself. While wearing my Matanzas shirt to local stores, I had five separate strangers ask me if the boys won because nothing was reported in the paper.

How sad is that for our local paper? The Matanzas parents would like to thank the players and parents of FPC soccer for the continual support throughout the season. These kids play club together, the parents are friends, and it was awesome to experience the success of both programs together. It is fair to say that Matanzas boys soccer had more support from FPC than from their “hometown” newspaper. The Observer’s lack of coverage was a punchline for this season. I am asking that you not be a joke next year too.

Cheryl Casale
Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: For Associate Editor Andrew O’Brien’s response, click here.


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