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Palm Coast Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021 3 weeks ago

Letter: Parents, not teachers, are responsible for kids' mental health

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by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

In your March 11 paper, there is an article about the Flagler County School Board entering into an agreement with four mental health providers. I looked up the meaning of education:

1) the process of training and developing, the knowledge, mind, character, etc., especially by formal schooling, training.

2) knowledge, ability, etc., thus developed.

3) A stage of this (a high school education).

4) Systematic study of the methods of teaching and learning.

Then I looked up teaching: to show or help to learn how to do something, give instructions, to give lessons, to provide with knowledge. This information came from Websters New World Dictionary; second college edition.

No where could I find a correlation between education, teaching and mental health. The mental health of a child falls under the responsibility of the parent or guardian and is not in the duties of a teacher. If the education system would stick to the three R's and drop subjects better left to the parent — subjects such as non-existent man-made global warming, sexual orientation, white privilege, love of country, socialism, religion and unions — maybe we can have more than 68.2% of the graduating class proficient in reading.

Douglas R. Glover

Palm Coast

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