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Palm Coast Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022 1 week ago

LETTER: Deceitful School Board election flyer warrants consequences, letter writer states

A resident asks: How would the district respond if students engaged in such antics in a student government election?
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

I have a hypothetical question for the newly formed, elected School Board. Suppose there are two high school girls running for class president. One of the candidates sends out a flyer to all students, pretending she is the other candidate.

The flyer is full of deceit and lies, however, recipients believe it to be true and it affects how they vote for the deceitful candidate, and she wins. 

The school becomes aware of this situation and asks the School Board to weigh in on the matter. The discussion would be about integrity, honesty and consequences. 

What kind of consequences would the School Board deliver? What would a parent like their children to know and learn from this dishonesty? Students and teachers may discuss ethics.

I am writing this because a PAC supporting School Board candidate Will Furry sent out a misleading and deceitful mailer about candidate Courtney VandeBunte, pretending it was from her. It was fake. 

I think this needs to be addressed, and consequences delivered. In all the conversations regarding the integrity of voting, there need to be conversations regarding the integrity of those running for office. 

The School Board has missed out of having Courtney, a woman of integrity, high qualifications and motivation to serve the community and advocate for all. 

I highly question the motivation for the flyer, and I am concerned regarding this outcome. What are Furry's motives?  

Mary Kiernan-Tighe

Palm Coast

Editor's note: The letter writer is referring to a campaign mailer that was designed to look like it was from VandeBunte supporters and implied that VandeBunte opposes Gov. Ron DeSantis. Asked about the flyer shortly after results came in on election night, Furry said the following: "I did not know about that. That was sent out by a PAC which I have no control over. That's their message. ... Any advertisement that was sent out by my campaign said, 'Paid for by Will Furry for School Board.'" Asked his opinion of the flyer, Furry said, "I believe in free speech, and that was their free speech."

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