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Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon said the record is unclear as to who actually owns Bulldog Drive. (File photo)
Palm Coast Monday, Mar. 10, 2014 6 years ago

Landon: Bulldog Drive a 'non-issue'

by: Andrew OBrien Contributing Writer

PALM COAST — Despite lack of clarity as to whether the city or county owns Bulldog Drive, Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon called it a “non-issue” on Friday.

At last week’s Palm Coast City Council meeting, Maureen Jones, the attorney representing Gus Ajram — a landowner along Bulldog Drive who has been at odds with the city over the years — caught city officials off guard when she told them Bulldog Drive was never transferred to the city.

Jones said the road is currently owned by the county and is known as County Road 401.

“I am requesting that you table that agenda until you get a transfer of that roadway from the county to the city before you can dedicate any maintenance right-of-way to yourself,” Jones said. “If you don’t own it, you can’t really claim that you built it.”

The City Council appeared ready to approve a consent item on the March 4 agenda, which was approving the Bulldog Drive rights-of-way maintenance map.

After Jones’ comments, though, the City Council agreed to table the vote.

Landon, however, said the issue will not affect the project.

“It appears the record is not clear,” Landon said, adding that he expects the project to move forward as planned.

“It’s public dollars being spent on public land for public benefit,” Landon said. “I would agree that an unclear record would favor the original owner, which is the county. This is a non-issue for the project. It would be up to the county as it whether it would want to maintain ownership of (Bulldog Drive) or not.”

The road, which is currently being reconstructed by city crews to improve stormwater drainage and traffic safety, will include a two-lane reconstruction with a northbound left-turn lane into the high school.

Work on the project began late last month and is expected to last until the fall of this year.

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