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Palm Coast Friday, Jun. 23, 2017 2 years ago

Kodi’s drinking coffee?

Dogs should never drink caffeinated beverages, but apparently no one told my dog.
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

I am a creature of habit — two cups of coffee every morning. Apparently I make a tempting cup of coffee because last week Kodi thought he would start his day the same way — with my coffee.

Before I continue, please do not allow your dog to drink coffee, tea or any caffeinated beverage. It can cause intestinal issues, shortness of breath and rapid heart rate; and the smaller the dog, the more pronounced the symptoms.

Every day I flick on the coffee maker before taking Kodi the corgi and Buddy the Jack Russell outside.  Once breakfast has been served to the dogs and cat, I sink into my first cup of coffee. I am a coffee wimp. I do not drink it black; I add flavored cream substitute and sweetener.

I had started on my second helping — in my Miss Piggy “I’ve got to be Moi” pink mug, a gift that I adore — when I got up to get something.

Upon my return, I found Kodi sitting in my chair, tongue dipping in and out, lapping up my precious morning brew. My first thought — “How long have we been sharing coffee?” — was quickly replaced with the removal of the cup from the side table and getting it out of Kodi’s reach.

It must have been good because, normally, if Kodi is doing something he shouldn’t do, he jumps down and assumes that “It wasn’t me” look. But not this time: He kept lapping it up and keeping eye contact. I guess I make a good cup of coffee.

I am fairly sure this was his first, and last, cup of coffee because I would have notice the coffee splattered table if it had been a regular occurrence.

The cup went into the sink, I brewed another, and this time when I got up, my mug went with me.

Kodi didn’t ingest that much, but there was a noticeable reaction. For the rest of the day he was more hyper than usual and barked at absolutely everything. Had he finished the cup, we might have ended up at the vet’s office.

It was a reminder that anything we don’t want our dogs to eat and drink should not be left unattended, even for a minute. While his antics brought an initial smile, had it made him sick, I would never have forgiven myself.

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