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Palm Coast Thursday, Apr. 14, 2011 8 years ago

Keep swinging, Capps

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

After reviewing the superb play of golfers in the Masters, take a peek at the talent of Palm Coast’s Ty Capps. You’ll wonder why he is not one of them.

Most fail to realize it takes years of success at the lower level to climb up the ladder. That’s where Capps is now.

Few know that the pro game requires a bundle of money. The Adams Tour, where Capps is playing now, rakes in $1,000 from each entrant. Win on that tour and you earn $10,000 and $20,000. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Capps finished the last two tournaments placing about 15th. His winnings were around $2,500. But with the entry fee in mind, costs for travel and boarding, he’s left at the breakeven point. Not so great, right?

But here is where perseverance takes hold. In danger at the cut line after two days, he put on a spectacular show, climbing all the way back to a finish among the top 20. The next game found him battling for the top 10 and barely missing it.

So, you see, it’s guts like this, an inner-determination with a ton of talent that makes us think he’s going to the top. There is no quit in Ty Capps’ heart, and that’s one reason why Palm Coast should be rooting for him.

Pine Course rally
The all-important Rally for the Cure at the Pine took a beating from the rain on the scheduled date, but the good news is that Head Pro Cindy Jackson has been able to reschedule for Thursday, April 21.

This event is too important not to play, so sign up if you can. There is availability. Call 445-0852.

Events of note
The thrill of a hole-in-one is again owned by Karen Joyce after slam-dunking the Pine’s 12th hole using a 9-wood from 115 yards. She was playing in a league game with Pat Kawa, Joan Chirgwin and Judy Ivey.

It was her second ace, but, as she said: “I shot an 89, and that was a big thrill.”

Another event of considerable interest this weekend is the Club Championship at Grand Haven. Some of the most talented amateur golfers in Florida will be competing. For example, you could be looking at Rick McArdle and Lou Paolucci, who are tied for the course record at 64. McArdle has hit that number several times. Paolucci is the defending champion, but must deal with the likes of Jim Greenhalgh. Sam Cousino may not win, but watch him — he is the happiest member at Grand Haven and is always smiling.

And congratulations to Jerry Fletcher, Steve Sphre, Ray Epperson, J.D. Norris and Charlie Brown for what they have accomplished at Grand Reserve. Player numbers in the Wednesday men’s league has shot up 46% from two years ago.

Last, a special good morning to you, Col. Bob Jones, wherever you are!

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