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Palm Coast Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018 1 year ago

Is Palm Coast unfriendly to businesses? Readers respond on Facebook

Also, letters on Sally Sherman and Andrew Gillum.
by: Guest Writer

‘Be Local, Buy Local’ story draws out critics of Palm Coast

A story about the city of Palm Coast’s “Be Local, Buy Local” campaign drew criticism from most commenters on the Palm Coast Observer’s Facebook post. Here are a few:

Gary Nickerson Palm Coast is so unfriendly to new businesses that very little new development happens here, and few new jobs are created. ... Despite having a larger population, Palm Coast has no major shopping center equivalent to Pavilion at Port Orange, Cobblestone in St. Augustine or the new Tomoka Center under construction in Daytona. Instead, we have acres and acres of land called "Town Center" that have sat empty for more than a decade. Until the city government wakes up and becomes supportive of new businesses rather than being adversarial, "Buy Local" is an empty pipe dream that no slogan, logo or sticker will fix.

Buck Troesch Lighten the rules and laws restricting business development and maybe we will attract more than chain restaurants and gas stations.

Candy Crosson if you want support of Palm Coast government, become a tree.

Roger Schmidt Start working on the drainage system instead of building rec centers and community centers. Working people don't want to live here cause they can't park their company car or truck in their driveway. Dumb rule.

Ricardo da Silva As a business owner I feel lucky and happy to make business here in Palm Coast. I love the people and the environment.

Barbara Lubi Understanding how these projects are funded is important. The Palm Coast Observer did a great job of articulating how the council intends to fund the very improvements you are asking for. These projects for water and sewer and storm water are funded through the utility service fees we pay. Certain improvements are funded from general operating segment of the budget (i.e., community center) which has revenue sources such as sales tax. The City Council, including the mayor, along with the county are very focused on creating a well balanced economy which today is too heavily weighted on the residential tax base. 

Scott Crider People wouldn't make the choice to buy somewhere else if the goods and services were here. ... We have real needs here. Public transportation, our own police force and address the ever growing homeless population.

Debra Carlin I’d rather have my water bills lowered.

Ellen Oberman Stanford Tell the politicians to stop obstructing businesses.


Is Sally Sherman really that indispensable?

Dear Editor:

My advice to Flagler County regarding the rehire of administrator Sally Sherman is to review your training and promotion practices. No one employee should be so indispensable as to be able to hold the county hostage at such a generous salary.

Cynthia Barrett

Palm Coast 


Gillum visit: pie-in-the-sky promises

Dear Editor:

I cant believe the turn out for the Democratic/socialist barbecue. The food was good, but pie-in-the-sky bologna coming from governor candidate Andrew Gillum was way over the top!

Who will pay for all he has promised? Hold on to your wallets, folks, because the tax and spend Democrats will be at it again.

The stock market in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Your 401k is healthy again. Thank the Republicans, not the socialists dressed up to look like Democrats, the party of NO!

God bless America, God bless Florida, and God bless Donald J. Trump!

Dennis C. Rathsam

Palm Coast.

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