Intestines wash up on the beach, surveillance cameras cause domestic trouble, and children witness 'childish' fight

What are the bad guys up to in Flagler County?
Aug. 11, 2015

Aug. 8

Children’s judgment: Adults’ fight was ‘childish’

9:24 p.m. — 6100 block of State Road 100 East.

Disturbance verbal: A verbal dispute between a traveling couple in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant drew a deputy response. No threats were made, however, and there were no arrests. The deputy spoke to the children in the car, and they stated the fight was “childish.” The adults agreed to seek counseling for marital issues.


No trespassing — from now on

11:54 p.m. — First block of Leaver Drive.

Disturbance physical: A dispute between two neighbors escalated from an ongoing dispute over their sons’ employment, to a bottle being thrown, to a physical attack, to a threat to kill. But testimonies of witnesses were contradictory, and, in the end, no one wanted to press charges. But they did want trespass warnings issued — a total of nine warnings were issued between the two properties.


Aug. 9

Gunshots? No gunshots here, officer …

1:10 a.m. — First block of Ryarbor Drive.

Weapons complaint: Several people in the neighborhood called 911 to complain about gunshots. A deputy responded to a large house party, and some participants agreed that they had heard gunshots. Others, though, said they saw fireworks. The owner of the home said he hadn’t heard anything. The deputy advised the homeowner to end the party, which he did. No arrests were made, but several vehicles were given code violations for parking illegally in the swales.


Attack of the frying pan

2:05 a.m. — First block of Regina Lane.

Disturbance domestic: A woman was arrested for domestic battery after she hit her husband with a frying pan. Her husband, who was heavily intoxicated, had argued with her about getting cigarettes at the store, and he had tried to slash her tire with a kitchen knife. Two children were taken to a neighbor’s house during the fight.


Surprise! Surveillance cameras throughout the house

12:50 p.m. — First block of Weiss Place.

Disturbance domestic: Deputies were called after an argument at a home. The 18-year-old son discovered security cameras throughout the house. He began to unplug them and take them down, when his mother found him and confronted him. According to the mother, the teen made a threat and then left the house on foot. The teen was later found in the W-section, and he denied making any threats. No explanation was given for the purpose of the security cameras.


Swimming with intestines

4:37 p.m. — 3600 block of North Oceanshore Boulevard.

Information: A woman stated that she was sitting on a beach chair when an unknown object washed up from the ocean around her feet. At first, she thought it was a rope. But on further inspection, it was something a bit more disturbing — intestines. The intestines were observed in a tan grocery bag full of seawater. A sergeant responded, and after analysis it was determined that the 10 feet of intestines were not human. The medical examiner determined that there was no crime scene.